Happy New Year!!

This morning, I made us a banner to ring in the new year!
New Year Banner!!

I printed the words and numbers from my computer and cut them out. I used a Ritz cracker box to cut a template for my triangle (I cannot be trusted to eyeball anything I am cutting) and traced it onto my colored card stock.

Banner Making Supplies

After I had the pieces all cut out, I glued the letters onto the triangles. I cut three generous lengths of Lion Brand Thick N Quick yarn and tied it together along the entire length. Once that was done, I poked holes through the top of the triangles to insert a length of yarn and tied them to the TnQ yarn rope. I used a mohair and silk pom-pon in the center and separated the rest of the words with paper heart doilies.

Banner Making

Banner Making

 I hammered in a couple of nails (to the delight of my easily amused children) and tied it on!!

Next up, we eat the dinner that was mercifully quick to make and then noise maker construction begins! We need something to shake while we are toasting each other!

Spakling Apple Grape & Plastic Flutes



Lady Cave: Storage

This last bit of the room shows you how much crap I have, lol.

Back of the Door

This hangs on the back of the door. Scarves and hats, handknit, store bought and others.


My mother-in-law gave me that chair because she was impressed with a recovering job I did on one in the living room. I haven’t tackled this one yet. I usually throw my coat and bag here. Woody is there because he is in need of repair. His poor head is cracked. I tried to hot glue it last night, but that was decidedly unsuccessful.

My closet

1. Closet: Left Side,
My hand knit sweaters and shawls hang here as well as some thrifted items (some waiting to be refashioned). There is a huge bag of yarn at the bottom, a zipper bag that I’m keeping my wool coating and some fleece in, another with fabric scarps (for doll making and crafting) and some random curtain rods are tucked into the corner.

My loom, still in the box, is on the upper shelf. That mustard-y box holds the shoes I wore when I got married.
2. Closet: Right Side
Bins and a box of fabric (there is one more clear bin under the one you can see). That’s a bag of fiber fill hanging on a pants hanger and some random tote bags in the back. I use these for the library and weekend kiddie trips. Folded on the top there are some WIP. My Gocco printer, some sewing patterns and other things are stored up top.

Storage Table

The plastic drawers have quilting fabric, interfacing, patterns most likely to be used and a junk drawer at the top. The mirrored jewelery box was given to me by a family friend when I was young and the one behind it I found at the Salvation Army for $10. My son colored the box in front of the TV and gave it to me to hold “something special”, lol.

Under the Table

Bottom box has clay supplies and tools (a hand-held drill & bits, knitting needle roll, pom pon makers) the top box has doll and embroidery stuff in it. The unattached limbs look so funny to me, lol.

That Spinning Art Toy belongs to the kids. My sister bought it for them. Those are blank canvases on the floor (they are in plastic), the magazine holders have blank paper inside and that flat bin on top holds a ton of beads that I will likely never use.

That plastic drawer dresser holds more fabric, mostly scraps. I’ve had that thing for 10 years. Yikes.

Lady Cave: Sewing Corner

Welcome to the Lady Cave!!

This is the sewing machine corner. The table was against the same wall as the computer table before. I’m hoping this arrangement will make using both machines easier, as well as provide the option to use the end of the table for other purposes like clay projects or photographing things in the natural light coming in from the window.

You can also see the the light box that I made on top of the printer. This is not where I took the photos from the other day, but it should have been. This set up is much better as I will be able to clip lights to the ends of the table for the sides of the box.

That basket (which I found on the street!) under the printer filled with toilet tissue rolls is a clear sign of my innate hoarder tendencies. I was keeping these in one of those blue IKEA bags. I had NO idea that there were this many in there! I’m thinking up all sorts of uses for them, starting with new noise makers for ringing in the new year.

Sewing Machine Corner

Notions (lace, elastic, ribbon, etc) are in the Liberty box, Chawne gave me that sweet embroidered piece that it’s sitting on. Those are some doll parts stacked there and the caddy has zippers, seam ripper and such inside.

Sewing Machine Corner

The tins hold thread and some stamping equipment. The flat one with the black top holds colored pencils.The jars hold buttons and the wooden box (given to me by Gina) holds some small painted items.

Sewing Machine Corner

Library books now live here, as opposed to the floor in front of the printer. As you can see, I use the library to its fullest. I borrow books on anything that interests me to try to keep myself from buying more books. Though, sometimes it results in adding MORE things to the buy list, lol. I want my own copy of most of the craft and art books here! Especially the Frida Kahlo book. I have been renewing them with the library for weeks already.

Sewing Machine Corner: Yarn Basket

Two granny square projects, a Levenwick cardigan and random yarn lives here. I made that leather pouch in about 2006, back when I first started blogging. It holds my knitting notions, some small needles I use a lot and my favorite crochet hooks.


Welcome to the Lady Cave: Part I

The Lady Cave

The Lady Cave

I spent  most of yesterday, well into the late night actually, re-organizing my Lady Cave (originally named The Woman Cave by my husband in a take on Man Cave).  It was well worth it! I think it looks awesome. It still needs pictures on the wall, a cork board and some splashes of color, but this is miles closer to what I wanted than what it looked like before. I took a LOT of photos, so I will take you on an area by area tour ;o)

The Bookshelf


My Dollies, and heavy rotation background noise movies for when I’m sewing or crafting, can be seen here. Pride & Prejudice is hiding behind the knitted doll’s feet.

Bookshelf: Dollies
The two standing ones I bought back from Africa, I knit the two in the middle and the bear, Three-sy, came with my 3rd anniversary flowers.

Bookshelf: Dollies

Frida was made with Mimi Kirchner’s Purl Bee pattern. The two in the center were made with my own pattern. That little bear was given to me by my oldest son when he was in pre-k.

Craft Books Shelf

Bookshelf: Craft Books
Bookshelf: Craft Books

The older sewing books you see here were a library giveaway box find. They are FIT textbooks from years ago. There are several thinner ones that are not easily seen here.

Bookshelf: Craft Books, mostly
This is where the overflow from the craft shelf lives. When we moved in, everything, except knitting mags, lived here. Now, there are too many to fit!

I will be back tomorrow with a closer look at another area!

Lightbox V.1 Photos

OK. Taking pictures of a brown skinned doll (hard to photograph) wearing purple (hard to photograph) on an overcast day (hard on photographs) is not fun. I really want to become a better picture taker (I think photographer sounds so …professional) but I struggle with lighting, location, software and patience.

I finally got around to making a lightbox today. Version 1 is okay, but I need a larger, sturdier box and clip lights so I don’t have to take lamps from all over the house. I thought the pics looked better than those taken outside of the box, in the camera at least. Once they’ve been loaded into iPhoto they look so much darker. I’ve read that this is a problem for lots of people. We have Photoshop, but I haven’t a clue how to use it.

Anyway, here are some of the pics that didn’t completely suck.

Madame Violette, blushing
Madame Violette, blushing

Unfinished Mini Frida :: Wooden Peg with padded fabric body
Unfinished Mini Frida

Dotty Peg Pompill
Dotty Skirt and Scarf :: Peg Doll :: Pom Pon Pillbox Hat
Dotty Peg Pompill

Sleepy :: Hand Drawn on Wood :: Varnished

My creative feelers are pointing in a new direction. I’ve absolutely destroyed my craft room (will learn to call it my studio in 2012) so I think clean up, then shower to wake up (I was up very late) and then tuxedo skirt.

18 Down, 18 To Go!

Grades are in. And my gpa is intact!

Hooray for years of procrastination honing my ability to work well at the last minute!

Seriously, I can’t do that to myself again next term. I was so stressed out, but I couldn’t seem to get anything done until I had absolutely no choice but to work. It was very strange…I think it started when I let myself get a little behind and it just grew from there.

My classes for next term will, hopefully, hold my attention better (that admin class has snooze potential, but I really like the Prof that’s teaching it). At the very least, I’m committed to staying on or ahead of schedule. Even if I do work well under pressure (This statement is always a lie. Isn’t it? I don’t work well under pressure. I yell at everyone, get really grumpy/sad/teary/weird, snack/eat continuously and stay up way too late.) I don’t want to risk it again.

I’m halfway done with the program now! One more year to go!