Grandma’s Notions

My (paternal) grandmother will often give me a care package of crap stuff whenever I visit her. Most times she will tell me to throw out whatever I can’t use. On my last trip she gifted me a bag of fabric (one piece is polyester and the exact color and texture of astro turf) and notions (with some random kitchen utensils in the bottom of the bag). There’s some lace and a package of fusible webbing, but the most exciting things are the snap tape, which will save me from making buttonholes on my next blouse, and a HUGE box of steel pins! I need to buy one of those pin cushions that sharpen the tips. Some of the ones I used seemed a bit dull.

Grandma's Notions

My urge to sew is slowly returning. I want to make dolls and clothing. Which is weird. It’s often one or the other. On the doll front, I modified the pattern I used for my hand sewn doll. I enlarged it so that I can machine stitch it. I’m excited to try it out but not so thrilled about using the last of my Purl Bee felt when it may not work out. On the garment front, I have two Tiny Pocket Tanks cut out and I have taken another look at Pattern Magic and what once seemed like gibberish suddenly made sense. I have altered a basic sloper to my size (hopefully) and now I have to work on making the adjustments to try out one of the bow treatments. I can’t decide which one though.

Pattern Magic - integrated bows

D appears to be the easiest (clever buttonhole placement and drafting the bow are the main tasks), but I struggle with darts a lot of the time so I’m thinking one of the projects without them may be a better place to start. The elephant in the room is, of course, my school work for the week. That should come first….but two more sewing books, Pattern Magic 2 and The Collette Sewing book, are arriving tomorrow so we shall see.


One thought on “Grandma’s Notions

  1. I’ve been seeing this blouse pop up here and there and it looks cute but I don’t know if I could deal with the bow on my chest all day long. If you make it let me know what you think! Also I had no idea they made a pin cushion that sharpened pins, googling that asap.

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