My BurdaStyle Book Dress


BurdaStyle Book Dress
Here it is!! Over a year later, lol.
Made from a lovely deep purple silk and cotton blend with coordinating chiffon accents.
It is slightly too big for me, I’m thinking of taking it in so that I can actually wear it in the spring/summer now that I have it back.

This dress was a test of endurance. I have never made anything to be included in anything before. It added a level of pressure that I was VERY uncomfortable with. On top of that, I had been having a pretty rough time of it that year. Though I was really jazzed about being chosen to be in the book, I was kicking myself for ignoring the fact that I don’t have a lot of experience working with deadlines and the like.

This project may have ended up in the big scrap heap in the sky if not for the support (pressure, nagging, cajoling, encouragement whichever was needed at any given moment) of my long suffering husband. He is totally my number one cheerleader. There is a long list of things I would have given up on if not for him.

You can see the pattern as it’s featured by BurdaStyle in the book here. For my version, I made the keyhole cut out deeper, added pinctucks to the entire front bodice, center back bodice and accents on the skirt with the ruffled hem and neckline done in chiffon. I really like how it came out, though I am refraining from looking too closely at its construction. I know that I probably could have done a better job of it now, but c’est la vie. My name and dress are in an awesome book and nothing about that can be bad!


13 thoughts on “My BurdaStyle Book Dress

  1. Congrats! That’s amazing that you have a featured dress– yay! I, like you and Christine, am lucky enough to have a cheerleader husband, too! I really don’t think I would have finished the bridesmaid dresses (or made it to my flight on time) without his encouragement!

  2. Hey Nettie, it was lovely meeting you the other day! Gorgeous dress! I love the deeper keyhole. I agree with the others – that colour really does look great on you. You really should take it in.

  3. This is GORGEOUS! Definitely agree with the others – it’s a great color for you. I say wear this and wear it often because it is truly a fantastic piece. Well done, especially on the deeper keyhole!

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