BurdaStyle Book Launch Party!

BurdaStyle Book Ad

How do I even begin to describe how much fun I had last night?!?

These pics might sum it up
BurdaStyle Book Launch Party Photo Booth

Extreme Silliness! But also so many inspiring, intelligent and creative people to chat with! I had a really great chat with Liesl and Giulia (from Oliver + S and Lisette) and Tricia (formerly of Stitch magazine) who has recently begun working with them. What great ladies!

I got the chance to chat with Stephen, co-founder of Spoonflower, and Gertie from, well I’m sure you know who she is ;o). I saw Christine and meet her lovely hubby. And of course my fellow contributors (some of whom are hamming it up with me above) and the always super cool and friendly Burda staff!

The party location was pretty cool and inspiring, too. It was held in the Housing Works bookstore. If you’re unfamiliar with Housing Works do take a moment to follow that link and familarize yourself with what they do. I love bookstores (almost as much as libraries), it was comforting to be sin one going into a new to me situation. I really had a great time!

I will post some pics (FINALLY) of the dress I made and talk more about the book, which is AWESOME (and HUGE) later! I really want to make the other projects included in it. I can’t wait to start!


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