Things I’ve done today

  1. Attempted to nap away a migraine.
  2. Woke up  and ate lunch so I could medicate the headache.
  3. Felt incredible nausea on the way to pick up the kids. My migraines are accompanied by extreme nausea most of the time. It’s wonderful!
  4. Dithered some more on school work (pray that I make it to the end of the semester).
  5. Talked myself into buying $200 worth of yarn.
  6. Culled it to $140.
  7. Felt horrible that I was trying to justify these purchases and spent many hours on Ravelry trying to match my existing yarn with projects I wanted to knit.
  8. Successfully matched several things.
  9. Managed not to run from the room with yarn in hand as I have (A LOT of) schoolwork to do.
  10. Still attempting to suppress the urge to click “buy”
  11. Moved on to schoolwork and discovered this cool blog:
  12. Allowed blogging to distract me from schoolwork. Again.

Send help!


5 thoughts on “Things I’ve done today

  1. Don’t buy them! No! Bad!
    All my yarn tends to be thrifted, for a few dollars a skein but it is usually vintage or discontinued so I can never find matches on ravelry 😦 And there they sit, forlorn and unused.

    • I know! I keep closing the window and then opening it again. Little Knits has so many great deals. Now I remember why I stopped going to their site. I wish I had less crap yarn, then I wouldn’t be so tempted.

  2. UGH migraines are the absolute worst. Yay for matching existing yarn to projects, though! I’ve been trying to do that with fabric and resist the urge to buy more… but the new things are so pretty… oy.

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