Aestlight Shawl, Part Duex

9.365: Aestlight Shwal, Part Duex

Aestlight Shawl

Needles: size 6

Yarn: The Periwinkle Sheep Watercolors II sock yarn bought at Rhineback

I picked up stitches across the lace-y ends at the top using the same method as the pattern when I put the garter stitch section back on the needles. I knit into the back loop of the picked up stitches and purled across the garter portion (i was on the wrong side) and then bound off on the next row using the sewn bind off method. The top is so nice and stretchy! This makes a nice non-matchy set with my All-Day Beret.


10 thoughts on “Aestlight Shawl, Part Duex

  1. It’s gorgeous! I can’t believe you knit a second one. Way to go! Btw, I bought some more Periwinkle Yarn this year at Rhinebeck. Karin is a sweetheart. Her yarn was so popular and I can totally see why. Her colors are so pretty.

    • Thanks! The funny thing is, I don’t even know when I started it! I just found it in the stash and decided it was too far gone to frog it! I wish I had gone to Rhinebeck this year. Everyone looked so happy in the pics on flickr 😦

    • Thanks, Del! I was doing a terrible job of keeping up with your binging off program, but I’m making more progress than I expected! I found this shawl halfway complete while digging through my stash. I don’t have a clue when I started it.

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