Pattern Magic: Tying a Bow D

Pattern Magic: Tying a Bow D

Pattern Magic: Tying a Bow D

This is a test run, so I could work out the construction details. Pattern Magic doesn’t include any instructions on how to assemble the garment. This might have been easier if I had more experience making button up shirts.

It turned out to be easier than I thought, though. I got a much better fit than I was expecting from the sloper and the bow was very easy to construct. I don’t know if I will try this one again or move on to another. It’s not perfect, but it’s wearable, if I don’t mind feeling choked to death. I hate things too close around my neck, it probably wouldn’t bother most people. I will probably give it to my girls for their dress up box.


Stripey Pocket-less Tank

Stripey Pocket-less Tank

Stripey Pocket-less Tank

Stripey Pocket-less Tank

Grainline’s Tiny Pocket Tank, sans pocket.
Done up in stretch cotton sateen, I believe.
It’s perfect for those days when you want something loose around the tummy.

I want to make a tunic version of out of this olive colored wool I have in the stash. The possibilities are endless with this pattern. I omitted the bias binding by serging the neckline and armholes, folding over and stitching them down before seaming the whole thing up. SUPER easy. I may make the next one smaller. I wanted loose, but this is a little bigger than I would like for version two. I want to give Jen’s Scout Tee a try. I think she might be my clothes twin, I love everything she’s been making lately.

Oh, I flat ironed my hair the other night. Everything but the ends got nice and smooth. Hence the braids. My hair will not be tamed! :o)

Grandma’s Notions

My (paternal) grandmother will often give me a care package of crap stuff whenever I visit her. Most times she will tell me to throw out whatever I can’t use. On my last trip she gifted me a bag of fabric (one piece is polyester and the exact color and texture of astro turf) and notions (with some random kitchen utensils in the bottom of the bag). There’s some lace and a package of fusible webbing, but the most exciting things are the snap tape, which will save me from making buttonholes on my next blouse, and a HUGE box of steel pins! I need to buy one of those pin cushions that sharpen the tips. Some of the ones I used seemed a bit dull.

Grandma's Notions

My urge to sew is slowly returning. I want to make dolls and clothing. Which is weird. It’s often one or the other. On the doll front, I modified the pattern I used for my hand sewn doll. I enlarged it so that I can machine stitch it. I’m excited to try it out but not so thrilled about using the last of my Purl Bee felt when it may not work out. On the garment front, I have two Tiny Pocket Tanks cut out and I have taken another look at Pattern Magic and what once seemed like gibberish suddenly made sense. I have altered a basic sloper to my size (hopefully) and now I have to work on making the adjustments to try out one of the bow treatments. I can’t decide which one though.

Pattern Magic - integrated bows

D appears to be the easiest (clever buttonhole placement and drafting the bow are the main tasks), but I struggle with darts a lot of the time so I’m thinking one of the projects without them may be a better place to start. The elephant in the room is, of course, my school work for the week. That should come first….but two more sewing books, Pattern Magic 2 and The Collette Sewing book, are arriving tomorrow so we shall see.

My BurdaStyle Book Dress


BurdaStyle Book Dress
Here it is!! Over a year later, lol.
Made from a lovely deep purple silk and cotton blend with coordinating chiffon accents.
It is slightly too big for me, I’m thinking of taking it in so that I can actually wear it in the spring/summer now that I have it back.

This dress was a test of endurance. I have never made anything to be included in anything before. It added a level of pressure that I was VERY uncomfortable with. On top of that, I had been having a pretty rough time of it that year. Though I was really jazzed about being chosen to be in the book, I was kicking myself for ignoring the fact that I don’t have a lot of experience working with deadlines and the like.

This project may have ended up in the big scrap heap in the sky if not for the support (pressure, nagging, cajoling, encouragement whichever was needed at any given moment) of my long suffering husband. He is totally my number one cheerleader. There is a long list of things I would have given up on if not for him.

You can see the pattern as it’s featured by BurdaStyle in the book here. For my version, I made the keyhole cut out deeper, added pinctucks to the entire front bodice, center back bodice and accents on the skirt with the ruffled hem and neckline done in chiffon. I really like how it came out, though I am refraining from looking too closely at its construction. I know that I probably could have done a better job of it now, but c’est la vie. My name and dress are in an awesome book and nothing about that can be bad!

BurdaStyle Book Launch Party!

BurdaStyle Book Ad

How do I even begin to describe how much fun I had last night?!?

These pics might sum it up
BurdaStyle Book Launch Party Photo Booth

Extreme Silliness! But also so many inspiring, intelligent and creative people to chat with! I had a really great chat with Liesl and Giulia (from Oliver + S and Lisette) and Tricia (formerly of Stitch magazine) who has recently begun working with them. What great ladies!

I got the chance to chat with Stephen, co-founder of Spoonflower, and Gertie from, well I’m sure you know who she is ;o). I saw Christine and meet her lovely hubby. And of course my fellow contributors (some of whom are hamming it up with me above) and the always super cool and friendly Burda staff!

The party location was pretty cool and inspiring, too. It was held in the Housing Works bookstore. If you’re unfamiliar with Housing Works do take a moment to follow that link and familarize yourself with what they do. I love bookstores (almost as much as libraries), it was comforting to be sin one going into a new to me situation. I really had a great time!

I will post some pics (FINALLY) of the dress I made and talk more about the book, which is AWESOME (and HUGE) later! I really want to make the other projects included in it. I can’t wait to start!



11.365: BIG

My children and I collected a ton of these on the walk home. We tried to spot the tree they came from, but nothing nearby had leaves this giant on them. These things are bigger than my face! I helped the kids make leaf prints and then drew on command to make them into people with mittens and boots. I colored on this one with crayons. I wish it showed up better here.