Another Evening with Ms. Jill Scott

A Jill Scott concert in the  middle of the week is a GOOD thing! My b-day prezzie from my hubby!

Shiny, happy me!

Me and the Hubby

At 14th street headed to the PATH train. The travel gods were smiling on us. We have never shown up anywhere this close to the show start time before. And our seats were AMAZING!! We sat on individual chairs in a section all by our selves. My husband was ecstatic, he is always so squished in regular seats. We were able to stand and dance. It was awesome.

DJ Jazzy Jeff
DJ Jazzy Jeff!!

He was amazing!! The art of Djing ain’t what it used to be. He had the place jumping and dancing like we were at an old school house party.

Ms. Jill Scott!!


She looked absolutely amazing!! She’s lost some weight recently. But it was more than that. Her spirit is so bright. And her voice is beyond amazing. It was a great night!


Proof of Knitting

I  guess I haven’t forgotten how!

All-Day Beret
1. All-Day Beret, 2. All-Day Beret, 3. All-Day Beret

Pattern: All Day Beret

Yarn: Shelridge Farm Soft Touch DKW

I bought this yarn at Rhinebeck (2 yrs ago??) so I guess it’s fitting that I finished the hat on Rhinebeck weekend. This was made mostly while waiting around during art class and as a means of avoiding school work (this semester BLOWS) when at home. And also because I needed a hat for my non-big hair days.  It’s braided up under there, otherwise it would never have fit on.

Thrift Scores!!

Thrifted Goodness!!

1. Thrifted Goodness!!, 2. Thrifted Goodness!!

Velvet blazer by Jones of New York $14.99. Considering I just paid twice that for the blue one I wore today from F21, that is a huge bargain. I would love to find a black velvet one, but no luck so far. I guess most people choose to keep them.

This coat, by Scooter Brown, was only $16.99 !! The original price was about $130. I am ecstatic! With four children, this is the only price I would pay for a white coat . The reviews I found online complained about the buttons falling off. Well one fell off while I was buttoning up for this picture. For 17 bucks I can deal, but at regular price I would be pissed.

I grabbed a paper thin Banana Republic tunic length sweater  and a pink check shirt from Barney’s to refashion. I also picked up a pair of slacks (Ralph Lauren for $8) to try a refashion like this pair by Urban Don. His blog is so inspiring. He forced me to look at buying fast fashion again. I had done well for a while but I have been lured into stores more lately. It was a nice time for a reminder.

My creation

What I Wore :: 10.15.11

Here’s what I wore today. This was on the way home from art class. It was a good thrifting outfit. I spent nearly 2 hours there. I could have left with much more, but I restrained myself. I think I will have better luck with menswear at the other store I go to anyway.

What I Wore :: 10.15.11

Blazer, scarf, sheer sweater, purse and Owl Necklace from F21
Jeans and tank (under sweater) from Old Navy
Boots from Target

1. What I Wore :: 10.15.11, 2. What I Wore :: 10.15.11

Wednesday: Pin Stroll

Some recent additions to my Knit and Crochet Pinboard:

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1. Some Cloudy Day by Tiny Owl Knits v. by MustaaVilla on Ravelry

2. Mint Medallion Crochet Bracelet by ALTernativeCreations

3. Hand-knit woolen headband in amber heather by bykirabo

4. Sarah London Textiles on Flickr

5. Hand Hook yarn Merino Collar – Scallop 

6. How to crochet granny ripple

7. Tuto Diagonales au crochet

Lost in Austen

Click image for credit

I have fallen down and I can’t get up. Due to an inability to pull myself away from Jane Austen related books, and a Netflix queue packed to bursting with regency era mini-series, there will be little to no sewing content for the foreseeable future.

K. Thanx. Bai. 😛


What I Wore :: 10.6.11Metal ZIP Denim Skirt & Black Lace BackTee

An entirely handmade day!
Black Lace Back Tee :: Made from the Lydia pattern (again)
Metal ZIP Denim Skirt :: Self drafted pattern with exposed zipper detail and deep top-stitched hem.
Tights and socks F21
Boots from Target


1. Metal ZIP Denim Skirt & Black Lace BackTee, 2. Metal ZIP Denim Skirt & Black Lace BackTee, 3. Metal ZIP DaMetal ZIP Denim Skirt & Black Lace BackTeeenim Skirt & Lace Back Lydia, 4. Metal ZIP Denim Skirt & Black Lace BackTee, 5. Metal ZIP Denim Skirt & Black Lace BackTee

This is the best fit I’ve ever achieved on a fitted skirt! Look at the back waist! No GAP! There was no after completion shortcut that made it that way. I sewed directly from the pattern. I drafted it from another denim skirt I made. The denim on that one is much lighter and I put in a flimsy waistband, so it rides up when worn with stockings. This one is perfect. The weight of the denim is fantastic. I will guard this pattern with my life, lol. My husband asked me if I put the zipper like that on purpose. That’s his husband-y way of saying he’s not a fan of it, lol.

He likes the top though. Bra exposing as it is. I’ve had that black lace forever. I always waffled on what to make with it. I think this was an OK choice after all of that waiting, it could be a bit tighter (and possible a little shorter) though. Other than that I love it. Especially the peek-a-boo back. It’s inspired by a shirt I tried on in F21 (it had raglan sleeves) that I didn’t love. That’s the great thing about sewing. You can make what you want, whatever way you want!