Hand Winding Hand Painted Handspun

8.365: Hand Winding Handpainted Handspun

This was gifted to me AGES ago.

210/365: So. Much. AWESOME!

I used the other handspun sent along with this Julia's Handspun Shawl
but have held onto this one for so long. I think it wants to be fingerless mitts of some kind. Or maybe the contrast color in some kind of colorwork project.

I am officially in a knitting frenzy.I finished a shawl I can barely remember starting (you can see it in the background of the first picture) and have finally picked up the collar stitches for one nearly done sweater. My Opus Spicatim came out comically tiny, but it has spawned a love of (simple) colorwork, so I am definitely going to try again.


One thought on “Hand Winding Hand Painted Handspun

  1. Ooooh, pretty! Fingerless mitts are a great project for special yarn because you get to look at it all the time. Plus, I think it would be fitting for hand-wound, hand-painted, hand-spun yarn to be hand-knit into something for the hands. 🙂

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