Funky Faux Socks

3.365: Funky Faux Socks!

Fabric Scraps
InStyle Magazine Inspiration
Funky Faux Socks!

I am feeling so refashion/re-purpose inspired.

I just finished two projects that I’m so in love with it’s all I can do to keep myself from running back to the thrift store for more pants.

I am so thankful for the petite, well dressed man who gave up his Armani(!!!) slacks and crisp white brand new Banana Republic button-up. I can’t wait to wear this outfit!

Alas, today was not the day. I was at the laundry-mat for most of the morning. Our washer has decided it’s going to die a slow death. It’s allowed. It was bought used and has been going strong since.

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes guys! They brightened my day SO MUCH!

Tune in tomorrow for more faux sock news!


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