2.365: I get so cold

2.365: I get so cold, originally uploaded by Nettie C..

Via Flickr:
I spend most of the day adding and removing layers. Both indoors and out. As much as I’m not ready for it to be truly winter, I am really sick of these days that start out 45 degrees and end up 70.

I must say, it’s a good thing I don’t place too much importance on having a good b-day. Because yesterday sucked for the most part. I let my school work back up and my oldest had projects for school due (dad was at work and couldn’t help out) so I was frantic for most of the day. And I was wicked tired. At least dinner was good.

Today is going better. The boxed set of Charlie and Lola dvds I ordered for the kids arrived. I’m nearly done with a small knitting project. There are plenty of snacks in the house ;0) and I have the house to myself for the next little bit.

I’ll be doing this:
10.24.11: My entertainment

Reading the new In Style with Gwen on the cover, love her. Eating cookies. Wii and TV to watch Coupling on Netflix. It never fails to make me laugh.


4 thoughts on “2.365: I get so cold

  1. What are you knitting?! I hate this weather too…on top of it my workplace is always hot and we haven’t bought oil yet so my house is always as cold as it is outside.

  2. i love this self portrait. so comfy yet regal at the same time. and i agree with the desire to hold onto warmer seasons for as long as possible. this winter will be a challenge.

    • Thanks, C! You are so stinkin’ sweet ;p This winter presents a new challenge for me as we no longer live across the street from the school. Mittens and balaclava’s for everybody!

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