Another Evening with Ms. Jill Scott

A Jill Scott concert in the  middle of the week is a GOOD thing! My b-day prezzie from my hubby!

Shiny, happy me!

Me and the Hubby

At 14th street headed to the PATH train. The travel gods were smiling on us. We have never shown up anywhere this close to the show start time before. And our seats were AMAZING!! We sat on individual chairs in a section all by our selves. My husband was ecstatic, he is always so squished in regular seats. We were able to stand and dance. It was awesome.

DJ Jazzy Jeff
DJ Jazzy Jeff!!

He was amazing!! The art of Djing ain’t what it used to be. He had the place jumping and dancing like we were at an old school house party.

Ms. Jill Scott!!


She looked absolutely amazing!! She’s lost some weight recently. But it was more than that. Her spirit is so bright. And her voice is beyond amazing. It was a great night!


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