Thrift Scores!!

Thrifted Goodness!!

1. Thrifted Goodness!!, 2. Thrifted Goodness!!

Velvet blazer by Jones of New York $14.99. Considering I just paid twice that for the blue one I wore today from F21, that is a huge bargain. I would love to find a black velvet one, but no luck so far. I guess most people choose to keep them.

This coat, by Scooter Brown, was only $16.99 !! The original price was about $130. I am ecstatic! With four children, this is the only price I would pay for a white coat . The reviews I found online complained about the buttons falling off. Well one fell off while I was buttoning up for this picture. For 17 bucks I can deal, but at regular price I would be pissed.

I grabbed a paper thin Banana Republic tunic length sweater  and a pink check shirt from Barney’s to refashion. I also picked up a pair of slacks (Ralph Lauren for $8) to try a refashion like this pair by Urban Don. His blog is so inspiring. He forced me to look at buying fast fashion again. I had done well for a while but I have been lured into stores more lately. It was a nice time for a reminder.

My creation


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