Stripes are BOSS

I love a good stripey top I have TONS of them. I may own at least one of every striped henley that Old Navy has sold. I don’t think I’ve every had a striped cardi though. This has been remedied! Thanks Forever 21!

What I Wore :: 10.4.11

What I Wore :: 10.4.11

What I Wore :: 10.4.11

What I’m wearing:
Tunic and leggings from Old Navy
Sweater + earrings + owl necklace + over the knee socks from F21
The boots are Akira by Wanted leather bangles (Anniversary gift, my other bracelet was also an anniversary gift)
Stacking rings from (Anniversary gift)

I love this little sweater. If the other colors were this cute, I’d buy them all (it’s only $10.50!). It might only last one season, it IS from F21 after all, but I love it just the same.

It’s cooler here, my hair retains its bigness in cool weather. I am now 14 months post big chop. I never wore my hair loose when I stopping relaxing it the first time. I have a whole new relationship to my hair now. A much healthier outlook on it. That makes me happy.


3 thoughts on “Stripes are BOSS

  1. Your hair look great! Mine is a problem because it won’t get big. I do the shake-out when I wash it with just a little product in it but you would never guess that my hair is around six inches long when stretched out. It just curls up next to my scalp. One of my older sisters tried to have an afro in the 70s and was sadly disappointed too. Any ideas?

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