Sewing Peeps are the BEST!

On Friday I spent the whole day out!!! I felt like a proper grown-up out with ladies and having Sangria before noon ;o) How, you may be wondering, did I accomplish this?? I was hanging out with awesome sewing blogging ladies, including the Sew Weekly’s lovely proprietress Mena, from as far-flung as Montreal and Chicago for a garment district centered meet-up!! I had a really fantastic time. I can’t remember the last time I spent the entire day out like that. I think I’m still recovering, lol. I’m such a light weight ;p

I managed to be a lightweight shopper, too. I only bought one piece of fabric, a remnant of some mystery black stretch fabric, for a $1. I replaced the seam ripper my hubby broke trying to add more holes to his belt and bought a kick ass fabric marking tool that will save me many pin stabs (I hope) and swearing while sewing.

There was also a pattern swap! I managed to unload some patterns that I will never sew and I picked up these vintage gems!

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I took them by my grandma’s after the kids and I left art class (it’s that time of year again) where I have two enrolled this time. (Missy is an old pro at this point but my son looked a little nervous. By the time we picked him up he was telling me how “Fantastic!” the class was.) She loved looking at the patterns with me. I keep trying to get her to come sew with me, but she hasn’t sewn in years. Which is a shame. She has so many couture skills that she learned as the ONLY right way to do things in school that she could charge a fortune to share. But she lacks the confidence that her skills have stayed with her. How can I convince her readers??? I should just show up at her house with my serger and machine and supplies and make her sew with me, lol. Once she gets a load of all of my corner cutting she won’t be able to help herself.

I can’t thank Oona enough for including me! I’m so glad I stumbled across the meet-up announcement. I have Meg’s “Oh ma goodness, that’s awesome!” stuck in my head. I keep hearing Debi’s infectious laugh. I see muppet potential everywhere thanks to Mena and Oona. I want to crack open the rest of my Colette patterns after seeing Cindy’s dress. I’m worried for Lisette’s shoulders after witnessing the weight of her fabric bag. I have a reason to keep pushing for a Canada trip now that I’ve meet Another Sewing Scientist. I’m inspired by Christine’s re-purposing of fabric for her awesome cape. Puu is making me rethink red pants for serious. And I want to visit Marina’s pattern stash after seeing what she was willing to give away. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday!


6 thoughts on “Sewing Peeps are the BEST!

  1. I am impressed. Only one fabric purchase? Amazing. I went to my first sewist meet up during the summer and went nuts. I felt intoxicated by all the fabrics. I am going to another meet up this weekend and I hope to stay a bit more level-headed. My wallet will appreciate it 🙂

    How lucky are you to have met up with a lot of the sewist favorites! Sounds like you had a blast.

  2. it was SO great to meet you! as for grandma, yes. show up with your full sewing arsenal. it would be like the best intervention EVER. you mst do it, for sewing peeps everywhere…..

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