The shop Brookish sometimes shows up in my recommended shops feed on etsy. I’ve been coveting the “I am half agony, half hope” Wentworth mug (I LOVE Wentworth, Colonel Brandon is a close second) for a while, but couldn’t justify the purchase as I have a (several, actually) perfectly good mug already.

But I could certainly justify buying this awesome shirt!

What I wore :: 9.27.11

I love it!! It really absorbed all of my sweat on this unseasonably warm and humid day, lol. I do wish even one person would have gotten the reference, but that was asking a lot in this neighborhood.

What I wore:
Austentatious 9.27.11

1. What I wore :: 9.27.11, 2. What I wore :: 9.27.11, 3. What I wore :: 9.27.11, 4. What I wore :: 9.27.11 Pride and Prejudice t-shirt
F21 pants (they were only $10.50!)
Old Navy Desert Booties leather bangles (Anniversary gift, my other bracelet was also an anniversary gift)
F21 leopard print belt and earrings
H&M large silver ring

Austen was already on my mind when I picked this up from the post office yesterday. My Felicity post made me curious about Keri Russell’s career and what she might be doing now. I really liked her in August Rush and I loved Waitress. It’s weird. She lives down the block from my Grandma, so I’ve actually run into her coming in and out of her house a few times.

 According to IMDB, she is currently filming a movie called Austenland which is based on a book. Being a repeat Pride and Prejudice watcher, I thought the plot sounded really interesting. As I have a particular weakness for reading the book version of anything first, I bought Austenland for my Nook and finished it over the course of the night. It was a really cute story and will make a cute movie, I’m sure.


5 thoughts on “Austentatious

  1. I definitely got the reference! I have now read all of her novels including the unfinished ones/drafts that were finally published. That is an awesome shirt! I normally don’t wear clothing with words on them but I’d wear that, even as a dress. Too cool. How’s the Palette Challenge going?

  2. I get the references!!! My BF gives me grief as I have several versions of each of the movies….have read all her books and love them…may have to get that shirt if it comes large enough…

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