Revisiting Felicity

The television show not the hat pattern…..


Doesn’t this huge pullover* SCREAM early Felicity?? I only need to add a pair of ill fitting khaki pants or a long cargo skirt and I’m done!

As I mentioned in my very first Felicity post on this blog, I was a HUGE fan of the show. It came along at the right time and Keri Russell was so likable and awkward (like I was) and just…so well cast for the role. I related to her character though we had absolutely nothing in common. Not one thing. Unless you count being thin. Which I don’t.

It suddenly occurred to me (or more likely I’ve already forgotten what made it occur to me) to search Netflix to see if Felicity was available to watch instantly. It was!!! Try to imagine my delight. As an incredibly spoiled consumer, and more importantly a cheap one, I wanted to watch the show THAT minute and if it was nearly free so much the better.

I got all cozy and turned on the first episode and….realized that this me, the thirty-two (on Oct. 23) year-old me with a husband and children, the me that has lived through a wildly different college experience, the one that didn’t meet an Amy or an Elena nor a Ben or Noel, the one who didn’t have parents offering to pay for school or give me a car, the one that can imagine the horror I would feel if one of my daughters (or sons) confessed that they fled their home city to follow a crush, this me doesn’t think very much of Felicity.

I admit I was shocked at how soon I disliked her. The first episode was brutal. What a selfish little spoiled brat she seemed! By episode 3 I wanted to yell at the TV for her to STOP telling Ben every fucking thing on her mind! Sometimes listening to old rap songs or watching my favorite Buffy episode or walking around the city alone takes me right back to the first time I had done so and it makes me feel sooooo good. I felt a piece of my youth break away when I realized I didn’t really like Felicity (or Ben or Julie or ESPecially Noel). I may poke around at a few more episodes, but I am terrified that this will only make it worse.

RIP Felicity

September 2011

* I bought this at a thrift store today, along with two others seen here, to make hats and mittens with. The minute I saw this one I thought of Felicity and my recent attempt at reconnecting with her.


4 thoughts on “Revisiting Felicity

  1. Aw man, I was so excited when you said it’s on Netflix. I never really watched it. Maybe a few episodes. But perhaps I won’t like it now that so much time has passed.

  2. i liked the show back when i was as angst-y as she is. but i don’t know that i ever was as angst-y as she is. you’re right, the show doesn’t age well. oy.

    but i love your sweater!

  3. I loved that show so much I bought it. But I haven’t re-watched it yet…and now I am scared to. What if I end up hating her as well? But I do believe I will remain a sucker for Noel, always.

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