This is my complete lipstick family, and one is actually a gloss, lol.
I'm up to three!

New bling (I actually hate that expression) from Forever 21, THE only place for cheapie cute accessories.

My creation

1. Ring on it, 2. Hooty Hoo!, 3. HI!
Fauxhawk. It’s actually three small ponytails. My hair is too thick for most of the traditional methods of achieving this style.

My creation

1. Fauxhawk, 2. Fauxhawk, 3. Fauxhawk
Muffins. I haven’t made these in a while. The kids were VERY excited.
My creation

1. Muffin Prep, 2. Mom/Short order cook, 3. Mom/Short order cook, 4. Mini Muffins Baked


2 thoughts on “Random….

  1. what’s UP! i’m so glad you’re joining us (and i’m thinking of sporting a faux hawk).

    i have a bunch of info to send you, just shoot me an email at oonaballoona, of the gmail persuasion 🙂

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