Lady in Gray

Lady Gray Maxi Dress

Lady Gray Maxi Dress

Lady Gray Maxi Dress

Same double knit as the exposed seam raglan top, only the other side ;o) It’s a poly cotton blend (65% and 35% respectively) that feels more like cotton to hand, but on my body is very warm like poly.

I am so pleased with this dress! Though, I wish it were about an inch or so longer. If I was more careful with my hem, or if I used a rolled hem, it would have been perfect.

I used the Lydia pattern again. I really should show how I adapted the pieces. I looked closely at the pattern today and the sizing is all over the place. Small at the shoulders and neckline, extending out to different sizes at the hips on the front and back and different front and back shoulder heights. All of that seems to work for my body! Store bought tees tend to bunch up around my waist because they aren’t wide enough to lay over my hips. Tapering out a little on the pattern works perfectly. Lydia is officially my go-to for t-shirts and the like!

This is not part of the official palette inspiration board, but definitely fits in with the rest of the items, I think. It’s certainly something I’ve wanted for a while, but couldn’t find in stores. I have fit issues with dresses, t shirt dresses are ALWAYS too tight around the hips and butt. I will never look at one in a store again.


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