The Last, First Day of School

Today was my twins’ first day at school, making today the last time we can celebrate a true first day of school. I had ideas about how I thought the day would go. As usual, they proved me wrong. The boy had been anxious all summer about being someplace where I wasn’t and making friends, while his sister was raring to go all summer. He was fine. She cried. A little.

I cried yesterday morning while my husband and I reminiseced about their days in the NICU and how far they have come, so quickly. As we recalled one of the most difficult periods of our lives thus far, I’m speaking of adjusting to having three small babes in diapers and in need of milk with one in school, we were proud of our ability to get through it and anxious, but excited, for all that will come.

As I type this, I am SO tired I may fall from this chair. I have been having trouble getting to sleep, so of course last night was no different. The twins had a half day, so I spent the day zigzagging all over BK, dropping off, picking up, visiting grandma, picking up the other two kiddies, heading back to grandma’s, making a food run and finally getting a ride home from my dad. And I have to do it all again tomorrow. With a different grandma visit. And then go to a concert tomorrow night with my husband….It’s possible that it was a very bad idea to plan an outing for this particular week.


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