Two kinds of ripping out

Two kinds of ripping out...

Two kinds of ripping out...

Sometimes, magazines make me crazy. I have always been addicted to periodicals, though I go through periods of withdrawals where the constant bombardment of “perfect” people and endless advertising make me a little sick (and insecure). There is also the stunning lack of woman of color in fashion mags that becomes much more obvs when you read many back to back.

I think a withdrawal period may be approaching as I ripped out a picture today…. to crumple it up… not to save it for fashion inspiration or for my daughter to draw (she wants to be a fashion designer, lord help me).

The ad contained three reality star sisters in their undies….


2 thoughts on “Two kinds of ripping out

  1. Oh Goodness!!! I stop buying them at times because I can’t bring myself to cut them up and put the images in a book like I would like and the whole purpose of me buying it in the first place. I don’t know why I treat those “rags” like books :-/

  2. Ugh…I often want to rip those sorts of pictures out, too. And I agree with you that reading many back to back can make you crazy. I’ll find myself thinking all of a sudden, “Why do I feel so crappy about myself?…” then put the magazines away for a few days and lo and behold I feel better. That said, they can also be a pretty fun form of escapism.

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