Short and Sweet and Done!

Scallop Hem Shorts1. Pattern Runway, Scalloped Hem Shorts, 2. Pattern Runway, Scalloped Hem Shorts,   3. Pattern Runway, Scalloped Hem Shorts, 4. Pattern Runway, Scalloped Hem Shorts

This pattern (use SOWNBROOKLYN20 for 20% of all patterns in that store) came together effortlessly…until I reached the waistband. I always have waistband issues primarily because I never used the suggested seam allowance. There were some slapdash fixes applied because I didn’t have enough of this fabric to re-cut the waistband pieces. It’s a stretch wool I’ve failed at everything I’ve tried to make with it previously. These were cut from scraps.

Wacky waistband
The wacky waistband

Despite that, the pockets went in smoothly (I skipped the welt pockets, I usually remove them from store bought pants anyway), the scalloped hem was DEAD easy, too. The zipper gave me some trouble, but I didn’t follow the pattern to install it. I used some stretch cotton sateen that was too stained to make anything from for interfacing and a regular zip.

I cut a large because it most closely matched my measurements, but I think I could have easily made the medium. I also always have issues with the backs of pants and skirts gaping, this is something I hope to address with my next pair, because there absolutely will be a next pair, by taking a look at Fit for Real People. I’m thinking of adding belt carriers because though the waist fits, it’s not as tight as I am used too and it feels weird. I think they look good with a belt. And this shirt I made months ago, but never blogged about.

Pattern Runway, Scalloped Hem Shorts

Basic T

Here is a blurry pic of the innards, which look remarkably neat, if I do say so myself.
Inside the scallop hem shorts

First in the Fall Palette Challenge DONE!


6 thoughts on “Short and Sweet and Done!

  1. I followed your link on the Colette forum, and these look FANTASTIC! I love the scalloped hem and the inside looks super neat & tidy! (The ‘guts’ of my projects are usually too embarrassing to photograph, haha.)

  2. WOW! I just bought this pattern recently and was hesitant to try it out since winter/fall is coming, but yours look so great that I’m definitely going to take the plunge and try them out (and hopefully pair them with an equally lovely pair of tights like yours!)
    I just have to find some appropriate fabric now!

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