Like Mother, Like Daughter

My oldest daughter, Missy, is one of those lucky people who know EXACTLY what they want to do with their lives. She is going to be a fashion designer. A famous one (and live in Paris). I believe that she will do all that she can to meet this goal. She has been asking to sew something for a while but for various reasons we’ve just never gotten around to it.

Until today!

Missy's First Shirt!!

Like Mother, Like Daughter: Missy's First Shirt

She fell in love with this Dolce & Gabbana star dress that Beyonce wore on the cover of InStyle magazine. She loves any and everything sparkle-y and/or pink, so this does not surprise me. She pretty much took that magazine from me, it lives on her dresser where she can gaze at the dress. She has asked me all sorts of questions about the construction, the fabric and if I thought she would ever be good enough to make something so great. So, when I saw that gold star tulle on (aka mecca) I knew I had to have it for her.

I had her try on my lace tee for fit and settled on the Lydia pattern (again). Missy is only 10 but nearly my height. As you can see the shirt is a pretty good fit on her, too. She helped pin, cut and serge(!!!) and she totally rocked at it!!! Stopping to remove pins and all. I’m so impressed.

Sewing is in her blood. Maybe she will be the one to finally make it a career. I bought two yards of tulle, so I hope to help her make an elastic waist skirt/tutu soon. But I’m worried I won’t be able to stop her from wearing them together and looking like a Cyndi Lauper throw back, lol. There are worse things than that, I guess.



The shop Brookish sometimes shows up in my recommended shops feed on etsy. I’ve been coveting the “I am half agony, half hope” Wentworth mug (I LOVE Wentworth, Colonel Brandon is a close second) for a while, but couldn’t justify the purchase as I have a (several, actually) perfectly good mug already.

But I could certainly justify buying this awesome shirt!

What I wore :: 9.27.11

I love it!! It really absorbed all of my sweat on this unseasonably warm and humid day, lol. I do wish even one person would have gotten the reference, but that was asking a lot in this neighborhood.

What I wore:
Austentatious 9.27.11

1. What I wore :: 9.27.11, 2. What I wore :: 9.27.11, 3. What I wore :: 9.27.11, 4. What I wore :: 9.27.11 Pride and Prejudice t-shirt
F21 pants (they were only $10.50!)
Old Navy Desert Booties leather bangles (Anniversary gift, my other bracelet was also an anniversary gift)
F21 leopard print belt and earrings
H&M large silver ring

Austen was already on my mind when I picked this up from the post office yesterday. My Felicity post made me curious about Keri Russell’s career and what she might be doing now. I really liked her in August Rush and I loved Waitress. It’s weird. She lives down the block from my Grandma, so I’ve actually run into her coming in and out of her house a few times.

 According to IMDB, she is currently filming a movie called Austenland which is based on a book. Being a repeat Pride and Prejudice watcher, I thought the plot sounded really interesting. As I have a particular weakness for reading the book version of anything first, I bought Austenland for my Nook and finished it over the course of the night. It was a really cute story and will make a cute movie, I’m sure.

Revisiting Felicity

The television show not the hat pattern…..


Doesn’t this huge pullover* SCREAM early Felicity?? I only need to add a pair of ill fitting khaki pants or a long cargo skirt and I’m done!

As I mentioned in my very first Felicity post on this blog, I was a HUGE fan of the show. It came along at the right time and Keri Russell was so likable and awkward (like I was) and just…so well cast for the role. I related to her character though we had absolutely nothing in common. Not one thing. Unless you count being thin. Which I don’t.

It suddenly occurred to me (or more likely I’ve already forgotten what made it occur to me) to search Netflix to see if Felicity was available to watch instantly. It was!!! Try to imagine my delight. As an incredibly spoiled consumer, and more importantly a cheap one, I wanted to watch the show THAT minute and if it was nearly free so much the better.

I got all cozy and turned on the first episode and….realized that this me, the thirty-two (on Oct. 23) year-old me with a husband and children, the me that has lived through a wildly different college experience, the one that didn’t meet an Amy or an Elena nor a Ben or Noel, the one who didn’t have parents offering to pay for school or give me a car, the one that can imagine the horror I would feel if one of my daughters (or sons) confessed that they fled their home city to follow a crush, this me doesn’t think very much of Felicity.

I admit I was shocked at how soon I disliked her. The first episode was brutal. What a selfish little spoiled brat she seemed! By episode 3 I wanted to yell at the TV for her to STOP telling Ben every fucking thing on her mind! Sometimes listening to old rap songs or watching my favorite Buffy episode or walking around the city alone takes me right back to the first time I had done so and it makes me feel sooooo good. I felt a piece of my youth break away when I realized I didn’t really like Felicity (or Ben or Julie or ESPecially Noel). I may poke around at a few more episodes, but I am terrified that this will only make it worse.

RIP Felicity

September 2011

* I bought this at a thrift store today, along with two others seen here, to make hats and mittens with. The minute I saw this one I thought of Felicity and my recent attempt at reconnecting with her.


This is my complete lipstick family, and one is actually a gloss, lol.
I'm up to three!

New bling (I actually hate that expression) from Forever 21, THE only place for cheapie cute accessories.

My creation

1. Ring on it, 2. Hooty Hoo!, 3. HI!
Fauxhawk. It’s actually three small ponytails. My hair is too thick for most of the traditional methods of achieving this style.

My creation

1. Fauxhawk, 2. Fauxhawk, 3. Fauxhawk
Muffins. I haven’t made these in a while. The kids were VERY excited.
My creation

1. Muffin Prep, 2. Mom/Short order cook, 3. Mom/Short order cook, 4. Mini Muffins Baked

Lady in Gray

Lady Gray Maxi Dress

Lady Gray Maxi Dress

Lady Gray Maxi Dress

Same double knit as the exposed seam raglan top, only the other side ;o) It’s a poly cotton blend (65% and 35% respectively) that feels more like cotton to hand, but on my body is very warm like poly.

I am so pleased with this dress! Though, I wish it were about an inch or so longer. If I was more careful with my hem, or if I used a rolled hem, it would have been perfect.

I used the Lydia pattern again. I really should show how I adapted the pieces. I looked closely at the pattern today and the sizing is all over the place. Small at the shoulders and neckline, extending out to different sizes at the hips on the front and back and different front and back shoulder heights. All of that seems to work for my body! Store bought tees tend to bunch up around my waist because they aren’t wide enough to lay over my hips. Tapering out a little on the pattern works perfectly. Lydia is officially my go-to for t-shirts and the like!

This is not part of the official palette inspiration board, but definitely fits in with the rest of the items, I think. It’s certainly something I’ve wanted for a while, but couldn’t find in stores. I have fit issues with dresses, t shirt dresses are ALWAYS too tight around the hips and butt. I will never look at one in a store again.

Three Fini

Black Maxi Skirt

All seams raglan + Black Maxi skirt

This skirt was made using this tutorial. It’s made from a 100% nylon fabric that is so easy to use, I wish I bought more (I already bought a ton). I’m waiting to see how it holds up, as it is made from nylon…and I have four children. It may be full of snags after one wear.

I doubled the fabric, using another (less nice) color underneath, so it would be opaque. It didn’t cling to my tights while wearing it around the house and it is definitely warm. I love it!

All Seams Raglan

All seams raglan

I used the basic raglan pattern from Built By Wendy Home Stretch for this top. I modified the neckline using the Flashdance top instructions, but didn’t make the neckline as wide (2, rather than 4 inches were removed). I followed the book’s construction method of completing three sleeve seams, finish the neckline, then completing the final seam. It worked perfectly. I traced the size small, but made the sides slightly A-line and the length little longer.

I intended to make this reversible, but one of my top stitched seams was wacky and it was really obvious in the white thread I used. I liked the look of the exposed seams, so I went with it.

The side seams are not exposed, I serged the neckline and bottom hem and rolled the sleeves up for contrast. This was a practice run for sizing and fit. I have approximately a ton of this fabric so I will make at least two more items from it. At least one will be more like the inspiration top seen here.

Double Scoop Lace Tee

Lace Tee, scoop back

Made using the BurdaStyle Lydia pattern, size small, with mods for the back and front scoops. The lace has “mechanical” stretch added and the under layer is a white ITY knit. I treated both pieces as one, starting by serging the shoulders together.

It was DEAD easy because both layers stayed flat without pinning. I put the sleeves in flat and then stitched the side seams. The sleeve and bottom hems are unfinished, the neckline is folded over and top stitched. This is a more sensible (for me and my lifestyle) version of the lace top on my inspiration board. I like it a lot.

A peek at the guts and such…

1. Lace Tee guts, 2. All seams raglan, sleeves, 3. Black Maxi, 4. Lace Tee, 5. All seams raglan, raglan seams, 6. Black Maxi skirt, waistband

The Last, First Day of School

Today was my twins’ first day at school, making today the last time we can celebrate a true first day of school. I had ideas about how I thought the day would go. As usual, they proved me wrong. The boy had been anxious all summer about being someplace where I wasn’t and making friends, while his sister was raring to go all summer. He was fine. She cried. A little.

I cried yesterday morning while my husband and I reminiseced about their days in the NICU and how far they have come, so quickly. As we recalled one of the most difficult periods of our lives thus far, I’m speaking of adjusting to having three small babes in diapers and in need of milk with one in school, we were proud of our ability to get through it and anxious, but excited, for all that will come.

As I type this, I am SO tired I may fall from this chair. I have been having trouble getting to sleep, so of course last night was no different. The twins had a half day, so I spent the day zigzagging all over BK, dropping off, picking up, visiting grandma, picking up the other two kiddies, heading back to grandma’s, making a food run and finally getting a ride home from my dad. And I have to do it all again tomorrow. With a different grandma visit. And then go to a concert tomorrow night with my husband….It’s possible that it was a very bad idea to plan an outing for this particular week.