Seeing that I will have all of that extra time I mentioned yesterday, I think I may actually complete this challenge.

Since we’ve moved, my children will no longer be going to school directly across the street from home. Making my usual a.m. wardrobe of jeans, pajama top and jacket out of the question. Let’s not argue about whether or not it was always out of the question. To this end, I am going to try to put myself together a little better this fall and winter, for a boost for myself and to ensure that I don’t embarrass my children (this would be hard, they are very lovely children).

My recent fabric order (and stash) is pretty much what I wanted for my fall palette (olive, charcoal and black, cream, dark denim, and silky prints and solids), so this challenge is right on time for me.

Fall Palette Challenge
Click through to flickr for fabric notes and sewing pans.

I won’t be waiting for the challenge to officially start, as I am chomping at the bit to try these two patterns I’ve just bought. I think they represent the general direction I hope my wardrobe’s going in.

I sat a HUGE bag of unworn and too small shoes out before we moved, so I’ve been in the process of replacing them with more care so that I will wear what I have. I also need to clean out my pattern stash. Sale and impulse purchases, much like with the old shoes, have left me with things know I will never use. Watch this space for some giveaways.


2 thoughts on “Challenge!

  1. I’ve been eyeing that dress for a few days now…may have to take the plunge and do it. For some reason I will cut out patterns all day long but drag my feet on taping downloaded ones together. I got three sitting on my printer right now! lol

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