Blanket Beginnings

Blanket Beginnings!

Blanket Beginnings!

Blanket Beginnings!

Blame it on Chawne!
I actually woke up in the middle of the night with a MAJOR hand cramp! You wouldn’t believe how much it hurt!


2 thoughts on “Blanket Beginnings

  1. I would say that is the good kind of pain…but, pain none the less and I think we could get a whole lot more done without it! Still, I like to think that it is essential to our lives and has a very “Important Learning Purpose”! (i.e. the saying “no pain, no gain”)
    I love the link!

  2. i happily accept the blame! but take breaks and stretch your hands. crafting isn’t meant to be painful. you’re developing new muscles and that takes time…

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