Rock Hunter

I had such a great weekend spending time with my family! We took a much needed trip to IKEA and had a general good time together. I also spied this post at Geninne’s blog (one of my absolute favorite art blogs, btw) this weekend. I became obssessed with making some crochet covered stones to decorate my new room, the living room and for my boys who have decided that they are collecting rocks.
I planned to go to a home store or hardware store to buy some, because I couldn’t fathom finding what I needed on the streets of Brooklyn. Well the hardware store only had pebbles. So, on the walk to take my oldest to art class, we hunted.

IMG_8898 Photo by the Girl Twin


And it turns out I was WROOOOONG!

Look at this!

IMG_8953 Photo by Son#1

And these!


I brought my booty (teehee) home and washed them up.

And laid them out to dry.

These four are my favorites.

Can you see how that one looks like a skull?!?!

I love nature!

I’m hoping to use these smaller ones to make terrariums with the kiddies soon.


Now, just to find my embroidery floss and I’ll be all set to start!


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