Shortish to Shorter

New/Old Shorts
New shorts in the sprinklers!!

A super easy refashion to get me back into the sewing groove. Tim Gunn, and my husband ;P, will certainly be happy to see this pair of not-quite-shorts-or-pants transformed into something else.

Here they are in the original, kinda fugly, fit

They stop just below where the photo ends. Why did Old Navy sell this particular length, and further more why did I buy it?

Here they are on the swing ;o)

Me on a swing

I LOVE to swing in the park. I’ve had a lot of opportunity as there are not many older kids in the park at the time we’re there.

Also, a gratuitous hair shot.
Pinned up twists

And one more of the shorts with a hint of red lips ;O)
New/Old Shorts

School is done for the week. Getting everything done nearly finished me. I don’t think I’ll be taking summer classes next year. I hope to pack in some crafting this week and space out my work enough for the next course (and ya know not plan anything drastic like moving) to get more things done this summer. A giant pink doily and progress on my woman cave coming up soon!!


3 thoughts on “Shortish to Shorter

  1. Love these shorts! I love refashioning pants into shorts – i think I have three pairs of jean shorts now, and they are perfect for these summer days 🙂 Well done!

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