This was taken on a trip there with all of the kiddies. They must travel with toys. This room is now PINK as hell. The boys room is a nice shade of dusky blue, it had to be the color of Thomas according to the oldest boy, the little one could care less, lol. I will….wait for it…have my OWN ROOM!! It’s technically the computer/sewing/guest/spare/eventual oldest kid room, but, as my husband keeps pointing out, it’s really a room for me right now ;o)

An entire spare closet for fabric. An actual computer table. A REAL bookshelf for once. I have not had bookshelves ever. I am so excited. Though, all of this, plus school (where we are cramming a semesters worth of work in 5 weeks), kiddie honor assemblies and a kindergarten graduation means no new sewing 😦
BUT, when I have the time, I will be in MY ROOM! Dudes, we even have two bathrooms! No more kiddies (and me, I go more than them) hopping around waiting their turn! I can’t wait until we’re all moved in! There are some cons to the new neighborhood, but this post is all about the PROS!!


6 thoughts on “NEW DIGS!!!

  1. How exciting!! I know where you are at because last autumn I moved on up and got my own space too. Feel a little guilty as my husband doesn’t have a room… but all I had to do was offer it to him and say ‘threads’ and ‘living room’ and he gladly accepts my space. The biggest problem I found was finding suitable storage and ways to make it look nice. Ok.. I have a positive ton of art stuff and odd things like a book press as well as all the sewing fun… The table was my first headache- I wanted something old and second hand. Not so easy in Berlin!! But Ikea saved me!!

    Good luck with the move…

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