Scarf look inspired by Fly Andrea Pippins with a hint of Frida, I think.

Look: 6.29.11

Olive eye shadow. Plum lipstick. Shiny lashes.
Refashioned top. Slim bottoms. Grab purse. Kids.


Guest Post!

I was contacted by Erica of Experiments and Accidents about writing a guest post for her while she was on holiday. I leaped at the chance! Pop over to read my post!

Thanks for asking, Erica!

Stay tuned here for adventures in moving, plans for what my husband refers to as my “woman cave”, spazzing over changing cable providers, our sadness at losing our much loved couch (we couldn’t get it up stairs) and how all of this extra space has caused my children to LOSE THEIR MINDS!



This was taken on a trip there with all of the kiddies. They must travel with toys. This room is now PINK as hell. The boys room is a nice shade of dusky blue, it had to be the color of Thomas according to the oldest boy, the little one could care less, lol. I will….wait for it…have my OWN ROOM!! It’s technically the computer/sewing/guest/spare/eventual oldest kid room, but, as my husband keeps pointing out, it’s really a room for me right now ;o)

An entire spare closet for fabric. An actual computer table. A REAL bookshelf for once. I have not had bookshelves ever. I am so excited. Though, all of this, plus school (where we are cramming a semesters worth of work in 5 weeks), kiddie honor assemblies and a kindergarten graduation means no new sewing 😦
BUT, when I have the time, I will be in MY ROOM! Dudes, we even have two bathrooms! No more kiddies (and me, I go more than them) hopping around waiting their turn! I can’t wait until we’re all moved in! There are some cons to the new neighborhood, but this post is all about the PROS!!