Ladylike Plaid

Ladylike Plaid, Colette Patterns Sencha

Ladylike Plaid, Colette Patterns Sencha

This baby is a creasing-and-folding-and-holding-up-to-my-body-to-see-if-it-fits miracle! Let me see if I can sum up how I accomplished this fit.

Firstly, I didn’t want to cut the pattern on the (very slim) chance that I’d want to make one for someone else. So I slashed through the shoulder area to the size 6 line. Then I folded the remainder over and pressed and pinned it. I folded the sleeve over to size 6 and pressed and pinned.

Now, the waist area the size 6 would definitely work, but the size 6 hips?? Not a chance in hell. So I began to taper out to size 12 starting at the waistline marking on the pattern for the front and to size 8 in the back. There is still too much room in the middle back , so for my next one (Oh, there WILL be a next one) I will go down to a 2 or 4 in the upper back on the back piece.

Ladylike Plaid, Colette Patterns Sencha
Ladylike Plaid, Colette Patterns Sencha

Because of the difference in the chest and hip areas, the back facings are slimmer towards the bottom. Which is fine since it’s not apparent from the outside. I finished some of the seams with my serger, including the neck facings (I serge the interfacing to the fashion fabric). For the sleeves, I folded the raw edge and stitched a baby hem. I thought that would be easier to handstitch and it was. I cut the size 18 length, and thank goodness I did. Anything less would have been too short.

The neckline as is would never have fit my neck, which is puny by most standards. I would have modified it anyway, as I don’t think really high necks are very flattering on me. I need a hint of collar bone, it’s my cleavage, lol. Because I didn’t want to cut the pattern, I cut the fabric with the neck and facing as is and made the scoop lower, and the facings to match, after construction. This worked out well for the most part, though I had to cut one set of facings again as they were too short, I had forgotten to lengthen both sets.

I braved making buttonholes again and they worked! Sewing the buttons in place was fairly painless, I only had to reposition one out of seven.

Overall, a SUCCESS!

It needs a belt, but all of mine are worn out and a mess. I’m working on a “no sew” idea for one. Coming soon!


Undercover Disco Diva Top

Undercover Disco Diva Top
Undercover Disco Diva Top
So named by my daughter because I was sporting puffy hair, wearing platform sandals and near bell bottom jeans, lol. The Disco Diva’s were characters on an episode of That’s So Raven.

This top was DEAD simple AND responsible for making my machine go wacky. This rayon loves to get snatched into the machine. I finished it on the serger, left the hems unfinished and quite happily (and comfortably) wore it all day today. My family had a full day out and it was great! My shoes didn’t hurt, there were no mad dashes for a bathroom and it rained for about 3 minutes in total.

Anyway, about the shirt. It’s constructed very similarly to the SUPER Cowl, but it has shoulder seams. I love loose tops like this, but I usually wear them longer in length which can make me feel frumpy sometimes. This cropped length was awesome and it allowed me to get a long tank (with the stripes running vertically) cut from one yard.

But it will be some time before I can get to it, my machine was not ready on Friday….and may not be ready until the summer term has started. I am EXTREMELY pissed off, but I can do nothing but wait. So wait I shall. I’ll be back with more FO’s soon.

Seeing (and wearing) Red

Firstly, thanks for all of the grade well wishes!!


I had been doing so well on my sewing mission! But now my machine is on the fritz 😦

I have some finished sewing to show you (Beignet with buttons, a Sencha and a knit top in a KICK ASS print), but no modeled photos because it has rained almost non-stop in NYC 😦

So, until these issues are resolved, I will show you my new lips 🙂

Red for Summer
Make Up Forever, Moulin Rouge
Selected with the help of a lovely Sephora sales lady and my make up loving sister.

Best Laid Plans

School is over and I had big plans, dudes. They involved the organization of my sewing corner (and thus, my bedroom as they are one in the same), organizing the living room, purging too small (kids’) and worn out (me) clothes, making my Pay-it-forward gifts, making my Kids’ Clothes Week stuff, reading, drawing, painting….you get the idea.
I did the clothes thing, and a TON of laundry. Then I had this clever idea to start with the sewing corner next, and then all else would follow real natural like….except the shelving solution I purchased ended up being a bout 6 inches too short.

So….the bedroom is a mess, my machines are on the floor, my mood is down there with them and I’m on pins and needles waiting for my final grades from school (things are looking REALLY great so far, fingers crossed). There is a solution in sight for the shelves. I’ve been inhaling books in the meantime (I’ve read some really thought provoking stuff, which has not helped the down mood) and I received my wonderful Pay-it-forward gift (a while ago) that I have hanging in plain view so I can admire it and draw some Hawaii sunshine from it ;o) Thanks, Mushy!!

Pay it Forward Gift

I will rally tomorrow and get that damn shelf up if it kills me. Or, I give up and put the damn corner back like it was…stay tuned.