Mother#$%&*(@! Buttonholes!!

Buttonless Marc Jacobs Beignet

Okay. My Beignet skirt has been finished for a while. I just didn’t have the courage to make the buttonholes. The process was legitimately stalled, as I did not have the right buttons anyway. I finally made found stole some time to go and get buttons and in an effort to avoid what I’m supposed to be doing now (schoolwork) I decided to get cracking on the buttonholes. Except that it’s not WORKING!!!! I worked too hard on the fit and finish of this skirt to fuck it up at the very end. I think I’m going to see what they charge for buttonholes at the dry cleaners…..


5 thoughts on “Mother#$%&*(@! Buttonholes!!

  1. Yes, mother%$*&@!£ buttonholes indeed! On my Beignet I held my breath and ploughed through the 12 buttonholes, until I was on the LAST ONE when my seam ripper slipped and cut right through the whole buttonhole. If anybody had been walking past me at that moment I’d have punched them in the face, I was so furious. It was the top button and after a bit of patching up and the addition of a belt you can’t see it but oh, the trauma of it! Just take your time and it will be worth it in the end. x
    PS. Skirt’s looking gorgeous by the way! x

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