(Late-ish) Anniversary Gifts!!!

(Late-ish) Anniversary Gifts!!!
(Late-ish) Anniversary Gifts!!!

ES Designs
Stacked Rings
Custom Charm Necklace

A, A, N and M are the first initials of my kiddies. (In age order they would be N, M, A and A)

My hubby is new to ordering from Etsy. Thanks to the Amazon universal wishlist I got to add some cool stuff from there in a place where he could find it. In a twist that only he could accomplish, he ordered two sets of rings and didn’t notice the size I listed on Amazon. So when all 12 rings arrived they were too small. He did communicate to the seller that he wasn’t sure of the size so she was more than willing to work with me on replacing them. I decided to exchange one set of rings for the necklace, which I love (the kids love it more ;D)! The seller, Elizabeth, is so awesome. I definitely recommend doing business with her.


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