Had it up to HERE

I am up to my neck in PowerPoint presentations, journal article reading, ALA mission statements, digital and collection policy perusing and other general scholarly pursuits.

Dudes, there is just NO TIME TO MAKE ANYTHING!!

And I miss it. Sniff sniff 😦

I am managing to amass more STASH in the form of notions (velvet ribbon and Venice lace, oh my), patterns (I am pondering making culottes AND a romper, should you all intervene?) and fabric (4oz denim on the way that I hope is what I’m expecting). I cut out my Beignet skirt and have been busily sewing away (in my head). My wardrobe (in my head) is quite stunning.

Cooking, which I can’t avoid, has been providing some room for creativity. I have tried some new meals and techniques recently. I made bread for the first time ever this weekend. Who knew Naan bread was so tasty!? And that adding too much flour (should have read the reviews) would be so messy?

Naan Bread Baking


3 thoughts on “Had it up to HERE

  1. Why does everyone have cute toenails but me?? I wouldn’t even dare post a picture of my feet on my blog, lest I lose every single reader, lol.

    Can you fix the link to the Naan bread? I’ve never made it and now I’m dying to try.

  2. Ugh, I hate it when life gets in the way of crafting!! (Shockingly, I’ve found that having a newborn with his sleep-all-day schedule has actually allowed me some time to knit…but we’ll see what things are like in another few weeks). But everything is a phase and you’ll have time soon (at least I hope so because I am dying to see that romper)! Bread-making sounds like a great way to exercise those creative muscles. I often find baking helps me satisfy that urge to MAKE SOMETHING when I don’t have time for knitting and sewing.

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