Blog Awards

I was awarded a Stylish Blogger award from Ophelia K.! Which is nice, though I am not actually a particularly stylish person these days. Lots of time indoors and just a few blocks from home. But, when I do have the occasion to get dressed I think I do an okay job of it. Now I’m supposed to tell you 7 things about me….

The hair, it grows!

1. I am very, very afraid of a great many things (death, flying, horror movies, roller coasters…). This has always been so. Can’t change now.

2. I like to snack. A LOT! This has always been so. Trying in vain to change now.

3. I really, really LOVE to walk. If the distance is walkable (and sometimes when it’s not) I will walk it. Lately though, while walking I find that I tire much more easily and have foot pain that never appeared before. I hate it. I walk anyway.

4. I love to watch ballroom dancing. I have vivid dance fantasies nearly everyday.

5. I am tired of school. This is the point in the semester where I burn out, I hoped it would be different now, but alas it is not. I want it to be over and I want it over now.

6. I can’t seem to buy clothes in stores anymore. I still wear all of my store bought things, but everything new that I look at sucks. I have only purchased tshirts in the last 6 months, maybe longer.

7. I am blogging as an aid to procrastination again. I have two papers due and check-in deadline on a group project this week. An individual project that is due in a month and a question set that my prof must have developed with the devil due around the same time. Do I really want to be a librarian???


3 thoughts on “Blog Awards

  1. Well, #3 should help with #2 so I don’t think you have anything to worry about!

    And yes, you do want to be a librarian! I’d love my library even more if we had someone like you there.

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