Procrastination Station


I have one half of a paper left to write and I just can’t do it. It was damn difficult rounding up the four sources needed for the two papers due this week. The effort has sapped my energy. All I’ve wanted to do all week was eat chocolate cake and sleep. What does this sound like??

So, to aid in procrastinating, I organized a highly delusional ambitious sewing plan for the spring and summer. And now I’m blogging ;o)

You might notice some really choice patterns featured on that list. Well, today is my anniversary and I asked for four delicious Collette patterns as a gift. I also put some really nice accessories from etsy on. Thank you Amazon universal wish list! I am a little difficult to shop for and I could not convince the hubby to forgo gifts all together (though he refused to ask for anything) so wish list to the rescue! He also sent me flowers!

I took advantage of some pattern sales recently, snapped up some vintage ones from etsy (MUST STAY AWAY), a pdf one from Grainline and Pendrell from Sewaholic. I was also given two patterns by Toy when she put them up for grabs on her blog. I’ve already made this to wear tonight:I made the version the model is wearing and it came out fantastic! I used a very fine wale stretch cord that looks almost like velvet. Something with more drape would have hung nicer, but I really love it all the same. I made a quick tee from some printed rayon I had, but I don’t know if I love it. I’m not in the mood for anything too clingy so it just might work paired with this skirt. I will have pics for you tomorrow.

Now, back to that paper…


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