Pay it Forward 2011

Here’s how it works….

The first five people who comment on this blog post will receive a handmade gift from me.
In return, you must FIRST write a blog post explaining Pay It Forward 2011.
Then…. send out a handmade gift to the first 5 visitors who leave a comment.
Take your time…you don’t need to send them all today or tomorrow.
Gifts from the heart are worth the wait! And they need not be something huge and complicated.
I read about this on Shannon’s blog. I was lucky enough to sign up there ;o)        I think her quote is more than apt:
“It’s not the size of the gift that matters,
but the spirit of paying it forward.”

Author Unknown


7 thoughts on “Pay it Forward 2011

  1. Pay it forward sounds like fun – I just don’t have any time to commit over the next few months…
    I’m loving the dress you made – it’s amazing – I wish I could sew like this – I think you have done a fabulous job.
    Thanks for the doll feedback too :O) I was worried I was way off with the brown coloring, but then you don’t see many pure white folks wondering around so I quit worrying! LOL
    Hope you have a great and productive week.

  2. What an extraordinary thing to set into motion! The idea is to send something handmade to the first 5 people who leave a comment. That something must be handmade and it must be sent to your 5 people sometime in 2011. My friend Ada wrote “when I am making things, I am living” — these simple words have inspired me immensely and set me in a new creative direction for 2011. Making gifts for 5 people I’ve never met will be a great challenge. I can’t wait.

  3. What to make? What to make? I’ve been contemplating a sewing project that’s a bit of a fashion adventure. How would everyone feel about sharing your measurements? Not now, not publicly, but eventually via email or phone.

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