The One Minute Writer.1

Beneath the Water

The taste.
Of chlorine.
That’s the sharpest point.
Of the memory.
That and the burn.
Of my nose and throat as the water rushed in.

I was always cautious in the water.
Cautious in every respect, really.
I knew my limitations and acted accordingly.

I held on.
To the side of the pool.
I knew my limitations.

She did not. In she plunged. And flailed. And gasped. And caught hold of me. My ankle. My thighs. My waist.

Up she climbed.

My shoulders, her rungs, as she hoisted herself up.

Over my head. Onto the platform. And away.

As I burned, nose and throat.
As I gasped, my breath caught.
As I flailed, unable to reach the bottom.
As I plunged, afraid beneath the water.


One Minute Writer prompt “water”. Thanks for leading me there, Donna!


6 thoughts on “The One Minute Writer.1

  1. What a visual the words from your poem give me. I feel the words connect me to them. I feel the burn. I like the juxtaposition of caution to without limits. Very nice…

  2. Wow. In just one minute you have set up and *perfectly* told your story. I felt like I was there. In fact, I think I can feel the chlorine between my nose and my mouth.

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