133/365: Hotel Bed Jumpity!!
Old pic from a weekend without the kids ;o)

Ok. Yes, I am an online student. So, spring break is not really the same since I’m not getting a break from actually going to class or anything. But, there are no assignments due and no reading to hold my eyes open with toothpicks complete.

I plan to spend this week making things and catching up on projects for both classes. I’m doing really well so far (another 90 from tough prof and a 98!!! from the other) and hope to keep it up. Btw, does anyone happen to have any info on the digital divide and its impact on collection development?? How about marketing the business reference collection at your local library? Anyone……guys ;o)

I’m trying not to turn this into a library blog, but I am reading so many interesting blog posts and articles lately. And have a TON of books on my to read list thanks to the podcasts I listen to for class. If you’re looking for recs check out Read Write Think. That’s my librarian moment for this post.

I just received an awesome shipment of fabric from my dealer, Fabric.com, and I definitely need to prewash them before I get started. Of course, I have other fabric that I can use, but you know you would focus on the new stuff, too. I have no interest in making anything for winter. Hell I’ve even been shopping for sandals. I managed to get the kids clothes caught up, they’re growing so quickly it’s getting hard to keep up with what fits and what needs to be replaced. It’s like a revolving door of things to give away and new things to replace them.

I had a really great day today. The hubby rode along for our Saturday routine (he’s usually working or resting from working) and it was so much fun. We surprised the kiddies with a toy run. And I took a much needed nap when I got home. We’ve been sick off and on and no one is sleeping well, so that means that I’m not. It’s hard dudes, I wouldn’t have traded that nap for a million dollars.

I’m off to cut, sew, stuff, paint, sculpt and skip in circles. What will you be doing?



7 thoughts on “SPRING BREAK!!

  1. As an educator, I love read write think for the great resources they have.

    As a former business student, I would like to suggest that considering the number of unemployed individuals in this country or more closely to home, New York (5 boro’s), maybe a marketing strategy in this business area could target that audience especially for new startups. “Shoestring” startups especially and how to succeed as an entrepreneur on a “shoestring”? In this economy of cut this /cut that maybe marketing library resources on that angle might influence.

    Fabric.com, great isn’t it?

    Hope you all feel much, much better 😉

  2. Hey, a spring break is a spring break no matter what kind of student you are! And with everything you do, you certainly deserve a little time off from at least the student portion of your life. Have a great time crafting, making art, hanging with the kids, and napping. I hope it’s a restorative and restful break for you!

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