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I was awarded a Stylish Blogger award from Ophelia K.! Which is nice, though I am not actually a particularly stylish person these days. Lots of time indoors and just a few blocks from home. But, when I do have the occasion to get dressed I think I do an okay job of it. Now I’m supposed to tell you 7 things about me….

The hair, it grows!

1. I am very, very afraid of a great many things (death, flying, horror movies, roller coasters…). This has always been so. Can’t change now.

2. I like to snack. A LOT! This has always been so. Trying in vain to change now.

3. I really, really LOVE to walk. If the distance is walkable (and sometimes when it’s not) I will walk it. Lately though, while walking I find that I tire much more easily and have foot pain that never appeared before. I hate it. I walk anyway.

4. I love to watch ballroom dancing. I have vivid dance fantasies nearly everyday.

5. I am tired of school. This is the point in the semester where I burn out, I hoped it would be different now, but alas it is not. I want it to be over and I want it over now.

6. I can’t seem to buy clothes in stores anymore. I still wear all of my store bought things, but everything new that I look at sucks. I have only purchased tshirts in the last 6 months, maybe longer.

7. I am blogging as an aid to procrastination again. I have two papers due and check-in deadline on a group project this week. An individual project that is due in a month and a question set that my prof must have developed with the devil due around the same time. Do I really want to be a librarian???


Newness: Skirt and Bracelets

1. New Skirt!!, 2. IMG_7967, 3. IMG_7968, 4. New Bracelets!!

Anniversary date outfit. I used Simplicity 2512 here and very fine wale, black stretch cord. DEAD EASY, will be making at least 2 more. I almost want to show you a picture of the inside, it’s so neat! I modified it a little. No binding on the waistband and hem. I didn’t have enough fabric left to make my own and I wanted an all black skirt. The hem is a tiny baby one, accomplished by serging the seam allowance, pressing it under and stitching it down. I also accidentally made my ties shorter, but it was a happy one as I hate really long ties on anything.

Anniversary Bracelets: Amyfine on etsy

Procrastination Station


I have one half of a paper left to write and I just can’t do it. It was damn difficult rounding up the four sources needed for the two papers due this week. The effort has sapped my energy. All I’ve wanted to do all week was eat chocolate cake and sleep. What does this sound like??

So, to aid in procrastinating, I organized a highly delusional ambitious sewing plan for the spring and summer. And now I’m blogging ;o)

You might notice some really choice patterns featured on that list. Well, today is my anniversary and I asked for four delicious Collette patterns as a gift. I also put some really nice accessories from etsy on. Thank you Amazon universal wish list! I am a little difficult to shop for and I could not convince the hubby to forgo gifts all together (though he refused to ask for anything) so wish list to the rescue! He also sent me flowers!

I took advantage of some pattern sales recently, snapped up some vintage ones from etsy (MUST STAY AWAY), a pdf one from Grainline and Pendrell from Sewaholic. I was also given two patterns by Toy when she put them up for grabs on her blog. I’ve already made this to wear tonight:I made the version the model is wearing and it came out fantastic! I used a very fine wale stretch cord that looks almost like velvet. Something with more drape would have hung nicer, but I really love it all the same. I made a quick tee from some printed rayon I had, but I don’t know if I love it. I’m not in the mood for anything too clingy so it just might work paired with this skirt. I will have pics for you tomorrow.

Now, back to that paper…

Pay it Forward 2011

Here’s how it works….

The first five people who comment on this blog post will receive a handmade gift from me.
In return, you must FIRST write a blog post explaining Pay It Forward 2011.
Then…. send out a handmade gift to the first 5 visitors who leave a comment.
Take your time…you don’t need to send them all today or tomorrow.
Gifts from the heart are worth the wait! And they need not be something huge and complicated.
I read about this on Shannon’s blog. I was lucky enough to sign up there ;o)        I think her quote is more than apt:
“It’s not the size of the gift that matters,
but the spirit of paying it forward.”

Author Unknown

Sheath Dress Success!

Sheath Dress Success

Sheath Dress Success

Sheath Dress Success

I absolutely could NEVER buy a dress like this in a store and have it fit properly. I never could. I was always two different sizes on the top and bottom so they never looked right. I learned to hate the sheath dress.

Even sewing one always seemed so daunting. But being afraid to ruin fabric has left me with a mounting stash and none of the clothing I imagined when I bought it. So, last week while on spring break I was determined to stop being fearful. I cut this dress out from a pattern I bought almost 8 years (and 3 children) ago, so the size I cut would have no chance of fitting my bottom half. But, it looked like the top would work…

I used the old size 6 top and cut the straight skirt from another view in size 12. And then got caught up reading (Jane Eyre, The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z and Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell out of a Tree) and never started it. But two days ago, I did. And now I have a pretty wearable muslin for future sheaths!!

It’s not perfect by any means. My princess seams and front darts don’t meet perfectly (I realize now one dart is bigger than the other), and because of the difference in size, my back darts are not aligned on both sides either. The smaller size made a sway back adjustment unnecessary but left a little too much room in the upper back. These are all things someone buying this from a store would never notice, in fact any non seamstress would over look it, too. The small check sort of hides it anyway. I hope to make changes next time including a little more length in the bodice (I added 2 inches already) and a little more room overall as the next one will not be in a stretch fabric.

There things that I am proud of.
My creation

My zipper installation was easy and it look so great. No lumps at the end and it stays relatively concealed when worn. It as was a little short, so I added a hook and eye at the top. The back vent and hem look pretty great, too. I hand stitched the hem, it is virtually invisible from the outside in this fabric. I also made a little belt to cover the dart match-up mishap, though I’m not sure if I’ll wear it.

Overall, I LOVE this dress! I love that I can see the results that taking your time can achieve. But mostly I love that this fabric has gone from a folded stack to an article of clothing! I can’t wait to wear it!

One Minute Writer.2

Today, a letter.

Dear Frida,

I am moved by the power of your paintings. I am moved by the power of your life story. I am moved by the power of your love for Diego. And art. And Mexico.

I strive to have a small measure of your creativity. I hope to find my passion as you found yours. I hope to have your strength to get through my crisis. And your passion to make the great times sweeter.


About yesterday’s entry

Beneath the Water

That story came POURING out of me so easily. Which is a testament to writing what you know, I guess. This happened to me on a family vacation to Florida when I was maybe eight or nine…I will be 32 in October and I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was, and am, terrified of water. I cannot swim. I’m so nervous in water that I can’t even float.

On that trip, I would edge over into the five foot section (I am 5’7″ now, but I did not grow that tall until high school, I was a very short and VERY thin kid) and hold onto the pool’s edge. My cousin’s cousin jumped in just behind me, afer giving a long speech on her swimming skills, and promptly starting flailing and gasping. My legs were stretched out behind me, so, obviously, I would make an excellent flotation device/rope/ladder for her to use to get out of the pool. After I got myself out, spitting chlorinated water and squeezing my burning eyes shut, I cried and draped a towel over my head and sat on the side of the pool for the rest of time we spent there.

I don’t think she even apologized. She got back in the 3 foot section and continued on like nothing ever happened.  It’s funny the things you remember as she you get older.

This memory is vivid. Live and in color.

The One Minute Writer.1

Beneath the Water

The taste.
Of chlorine.
That’s the sharpest point.
Of the memory.
That and the burn.
Of my nose and throat as the water rushed in.

I was always cautious in the water.
Cautious in every respect, really.
I knew my limitations and acted accordingly.

I held on.
To the side of the pool.
I knew my limitations.

She did not. In she plunged. And flailed. And gasped. And caught hold of me. My ankle. My thighs. My waist.

Up she climbed.

My shoulders, her rungs, as she hoisted herself up.

Over my head. Onto the platform. And away.

As I burned, nose and throat.
As I gasped, my breath caught.
As I flailed, unable to reach the bottom.
As I plunged, afraid beneath the water.


One Minute Writer prompt “water”. Thanks for leading me there, Donna!