Hello friends and friends to be. Much has happened since last we spoke ;o)           I attended the Prince concert, which was beyond amazing. There are not enough descriptive words to tell you about it.
bad iPhone photo

I did not make a dress to wear. Well, I did. Kinda. It was mostly done but totally unflattering. I didn’t really have time to dwell on that as I was in the throes of a grad school meltdown. I was seriously ready to call the whole thing off until I got several pep talks. Some from blogging friends and some from family. One from my advisor.

As it turns out, I was going crazy for nothing. Almost nothing. I received a 90% on the paper (!!!!!!!!!!!!) but I would have done better if I hadn’t lost points for formatting. I tried much harder to get that right on the next paper (which was one of TWO due the next week) so I will have to wait and see on that one.

What else…..Oh! I actually went out two nights in row recently! One was a b-day bash where I was able to hangout with some of those co-workers I mentioned in my new years goals post.

2.11.11 Whiskey with Friends

I had SO MUCH FUN! The next night, I went to my knitting group’s annual Karaoke party/Holiday Secret Santa and got these:

My creation

SCORE!! Tomo picked my name again and managed to make me another ridiculously awesome scarf! AND included this awesome bonus gift. One of her tape measures! Miss Pom was my gift. She was well received ;o)

What else? I’m sad to say that my daily making (art, plans, story writing) has ground to a halt. In order to stay on top of school work something had to go. After recovering from the meltdown, which was unfortunately timed as it coincided with pms, a three-day migraine and a rare bought of bad behavior from my children, I decided that I couldn’t beat myself up about that. I do miss making things though.

I planned to cram in a ton of crafting this week since a due date was moved from this Friday to the next and my MIL offered to take the kids for the whole school holiday. A WHOLE WEEK CHILD FREE. But, it was a good thing I didn’t really allow myself to get too excited by the idea. My oldest son is sick, sick, sick. It looked like they were all going to be taken down for a moment, but it’s just him. And it’s bad. Looks like that trip will have to be rescheduled. Though I still hope to get something fun done. For myself and for them


4 thoughts on “Resurfacing

  1. Nice to see you again! It looks as if you had your time well spent! I completely can relate to school and what time allows in the day. In the corner of my eye, I thought I saw Wonderwoman! I’ll take her to Superwoman anyday!LOL!
    Prince…sooo many songs….sooooo many dreams!

  2. Sorry to hear your baby is sick 😦 I hope he gets on the mend soon.

    Congrats on your 90! See, all that worrying for nothing.

    I completely understand about having to let things go sometimes. There’s just not enough hours in a day for us moms. That scarf is too cute–she did a great job!

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