They say the darndest things

Kids, that is. Here is some more kid talk to make you chuckle ;o)

Missy (aka daughter#1)

  • It can be very noisy in my home (understatement, a massive one). So when the kids are in bed I am ghostly silent. So silent that Missy called out to me from bed one night. When I answered her she said “Oh, I thought you were gone because it was so quiet. You sure know how to be quiet mom!” I laughed and told her that I LIKE it when it’s quiet.
  • She is fond of telling me that I’m the best mom in the world, to which I always inform her other children think the same about their moms. She has recently starting saying back “Well those kids have got it wrong, mom!” This kid sure knows how to kiss up ;o)


  • This kid is ridiculoulsy charming, and I’m not just saying that because I’m his mom. He is also very silly. He has been pretending to be a doctor lately and goes around  diagnosing us with a range of illnesses from a case of the sleepies (his overworked dad) which makes you tired. And a case of the drawing sleepies (his stay-up-too-late mom who likes to draw lately) which makes you draw and then go to sleep. He’s staring to wear on his big sis, though. She is over his Dr. act.
  • He also made up a story the other day called Q-Tip and the Toothbrush. Apparently they go on all sort of adventures. I told him that he could dictate it to me and I would type it out for him. I will be sure to share it with you all. He has been reading everything and remains an eager learner. I am so proud of his progress.
  • Oh! I just remembered another one. He saw a container of Cornflakes on the counter earlier and said “Oh! My favorite cereal. Snowflakes!” I correct this and him calling McDonald’s Old McDonald’s ALL the time. LOL

Daughter#2 (aka the girl twin)

  • While getting ready to go to the library (just the twins and me, the other two were in school) she looked at me and asked if I was going with them. Because clearly they go places alone all the time, lol.
  • She is also crazy charming, but much sneakier than her older brother. She likes to do the opposite of what she’s told and when I ask her why she tells me she loves me or just wanted to give me a hug. The natural response to “Why are you jumping on the couch?” is clearly because she loves me and wants to hug me. It’s obvious really.

Son#2 (aka the boy twin)

  • This kid is zany beyond belief. He went from being the mildest of my children to the most manic. He has the kind of frenetic energy you wish you could bottle. His favorite song to sing at the moment is the “Kill the Beast!” song from Beauty and the Beast. He and his brother act out the climatic fight scene while he sings sometimes. While this brutal song preference would make you think otherwise, he is very sweet and hugs me app. 5,000 times a day and is always the most enthusiastic greeter when my hubby gets home.
  • Yesterday, I overheard him telling his twin that the crackers they were eating were sad because they were going to be in his stomach. He went on to say that he could feel them sliding down into his tummy, lol.
  • He still has a ways to go on pronouncing some words (both twins d0), but the ones he’s got down he can say with perfect clarity. You can hear every single letter. Which is not odd, but funny when they’re followed by some of the not so clear words.

5 thoughts on “They say the darndest things

  1. I love a quiet house, too, though it rarely happens when the kids are here!

    Do your twins speak their own language to each other?

    I always wanted twins but I think God knew what He was doing when I didn’t get them, lol.

  2. Isn’t wonderful how the mind of children work? They truly give some of the best quotes in life and their statements can truly cheer the dreariest of days…..

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