Goings on

Grad school has begun (!!!). I’m learning a TON about what it takes to be a reference librarian and everything to do with library collections. Btw: I am an online student, I haven’t somehow added hours into the day in order to GO to class someplace ;o)

I have joined the ranks of eReader owners. A surprise from my hubs.

1.22.11 NOOK!

I have already added a ton of library ebooks and audio books. I am surprised by how much I like this. I was aiming to have a portable way to read text books and pdf lectures for school that was less expensive than a laptop. I hate being chained to the computer table, but my Apple laptop is so out of date it’s no longer made, lol.

I’ve just received this yummy-ness to be used to make something to wear to the PRINCE CONCERT!

1.24.11 Color Explosion

This is my first ITY knit purchase. They’re the two on either end. The one in the middle is a rayon blend that may be the first I’ve purchased from Fabric. com that you can’t see through. I don’t know why I let my poly blend bias keep me from trying ITY knits before. Too many sewers that I hold in high regard use them for them to be totally useless.

I’m excited to try them though, now that I have them, afraid of the loud prints. I caught a one day sale so the price was too good to pass up, especially when you add in the free shipping. I also got a poly double knit with this order that I am not so sure about. I was thinking fitted riding type pants since it seems too thick for a comfortable dress. But something about tight-ish polyester pants seems like a VERY bad idea…


9 thoughts on “Goings on

  1. Oh Man! i love me some ITY! I actually bought that orange blue knit on the end. can’t wait to get my order. Mine is not scheduled to arrive until Wednesday :O( Ah well, I have a zillion patterns to jump on between now and then…hahahaha

    That Prince concert sounds pretty cool too!

  2. Well, you probably already know, I love these prints! Can’t wait to see what you do with yours. I am mulling over a project tonight with another one too. The colors are perfect for a Prince concert!

  3. I’m an online student too so congrats to you! It definitely requires much self-discipline.

    I received my kindle after my bookshelf collapsed and have been in the process of replacing everything.

    As for your fabric, it is truly beautiful. Do you do a lot of sewing?

    BTW, jealous about the Prince concert!

  4. Congratulations in beginning your Graduate Education! I have just completed a grueling two years of Graduate School and I look forward to working soon!

    I have always shied away from prints, so it will be nice to see your results with these stunning fabrics!

    My daughter also has an eReader and she loves it. I am hooked on the paper form. It’s the old fashioned way now, I guess…….I hope it’s still okay to say that I love paper!

  5. I got a nook for christmas an dI love it too. I haven’t tried downloading patterns onto it yet but I can’t wait to try.

    I’m so jealous that you’re going to see Prince. Have fun!

  6. Prince concert! I’m so jealous!!! Have FUN, though I do wish he’d perform Darlin’ Nikki again. Oh well.

    Grad school, too? Wow, you’re going to be busy — but at least you can do it from home.

  7. Good luck with school! I am very excited for you. Even with online courses, you are going to be so busy. But it makes it so much better that you don’t have the leave the comfort of your home. I wish Steve could have found a online program.

    Btw, Steve is offering to root your Nook for you. You can come over and he will take care of it. He said the pdf reader that the Nook comes with is only semi-okay for reading. But after rooting the Nook, the new pdf apps are so much better especially for homework. You can add booksmarks to the pages you are reading and other stuff (I stopped listening, lol.).

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