That’s the Queen?

1.10.11 Princess in the making
I am determined to show my daughters (well the boys too) that all women (and dolls) do NOT have long hair. If you judge by most dolls in the store this is a foreign concept. Maybe it’s because my hair is short now that I’m noticing more. The whole princess with long flowing hair thing is starting to irk me….

I showed my oldest daughter what Queen Elizabeth looked like. It was quite a shock to her, lol. That should prove once and for all that princesses and queens do not always look like they do in story books.

I’m happy with this experiment in making this style of hair, which could essentially be used as a wig cap in the future to make my afro hair come to life. I have two more styles to try, but first I need to finish this doll!


3 thoughts on “That’s the Queen?

  1. What a great lesson! I used to deform my Barbies to make them look like people I knew. I chopped the hair completely off one, removed the legs from another and made a wheelchair, covered another in tatoos, just to name a few… I remember people thought they were ugly and that I was crazy. I thought they were more beautiful, because the were each different and unique.
    I love the doll you made, what do you need to do to finish it?

  2. Wow, I hadn’t thought of that before, but you’re so right. All of my dolls/barbies had long hair (well, until I decided to play salon with them) and that’s kind of weird. And the princesses in the story books…not only is it long, but it’s also perfectly shiny and perfectly wavy with perfect ringlets just at the ends. As someone who has had long hair pretty much my whole life, I believe this shininess/texture is a completely unattainable ideal! 🙂 I love your short haired doll. Very cool.

  3. You are so right. I’ve seen a few dolls with shorter hair, but it’s definitely not the norm (and something that only comes around every decade or so). I think the doll makers think girls won’t want to play with dolls whose hair they can’t “style.” Meh.

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