1.7.11 Texture

My hair is a virtual playground for different textures.
I knew that already from when I wore my hair natural before, but it is infinitely more apparent with it this short.

They right front (left in the photo, obvs.) has a pretty intense curl going on. While the left has patches that do little more than bend and insist on sticking straight up. The middle is so thick you can hardly find my scalp and the back is loose-y goose-y and looks  about an inch longer than the rest.

To try to match things up, I put small-ish sections of hair into twists while wet and then undo them once dry. My twists had been in for days when I released them this morning.

The highly coiled side is even more so, and the straight portions are….slightly bent and mostly sticking up. The middle you can find my scalp now, but by this evening who knows. And the back still looks longer than the front.

Ce la vie.


4 thoughts on “Coiled

  1. My hair has about 4 different curl patterns too. The back is the curliest- if the rest of my hair was that way I would be set

  2. Mine too. the hair at the crown grows slowly and feels like brillo. But the sides are sooooo soft and moderately straight. I blame ‘massa’ creeping at night.

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