Two! Two! Two goals in one!

Two! Two! Two goals in one!

1.3.11 Paint

“Make something” and “daily pic” in one!

I painted these two slightly melancholy people today.
First, I drew them with pencil, then made the bones permanent with pen and marker, next I added detail with a fine point pen, and finally I added watercolor paint so the details would show through. Some additional marker detailing was added in after wards.

Here’s scanned version:

I only recently realized how much the scanner on our all-in-one printer sucks. We have two old scanners whose cords were in a big tangled bag of cords that we very smartly threw away. Cause, of course we didn’t need them.

Hello, I iz a genie-ass.

I had to quickly order a new cord to stop my husband going electronics crazy. He can’t stand below (his) standard electronics around. So, my complaints about the quality of my scans started an amazon search frenzy, lol. I finished another felt doll body last night. Now, for the fun stuff. The clothes!!


3 thoughts on “Two! Two! Two goals in one!

  1. Hee hee. Unlike you, we keep every.single.tangled.cord because I just KNOW the day I toss one is the day I toss the wrong one! I’m sure some of these belong to a Beta VCR machine from 20 years ago but I refuse to throw them out!

    Good for you for reaching two goals in one swoop.

  2. Oh, your story about the electronic cord fiasco made me laugh! my husband is so like that too!!
    Such a cute picture. I love your artistic style.
    Congratulations on ticking off two goals in one day!

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