Some goals

  • Take a pic of something everyday- of me, a kid, a craft…
  • Write something everyday- a blog post, a chapter, a verse, a love note…
  • Read something- I have not read nearly as much this year as the one previous but I read some books that I really loved and found a fictional hero in Lisbeth Salander. I don’t have a specific number in mind, just a desire to find another character I love.
  • Make something everyday- work on, start, finish, plan something…
  • Move something a few times a week- if exercise really gives you more energy and general good vibrations, I NEED in on that.
  • Make something with the kiddies- we really did a lot of crafty things together last year. I want to document them more fully this one.
  • Do something with the kiddies- I didn’t really get out with them as much as I wanted to. But, now that everyone is handling walking longer distances and the stairs of the buses and trains better, we will be more mobile in 2011.
  • Do something with friends- I had to leave my job early last year and I miss the friends I made there terribly. I’m not always able to make it to their meet ups from a lack of a sitter. But nothing is stopping me from inviting them along to those kid outings I mentioned above.
  • Dance something- I love dancing, I’m just not good at it. Lol. I have been threatening to take classes for years, I’m making it happen this one.
  • Finish something- I have many knitting and sewing projects in various states of completion. I want them either done or gone. And long before the end of the year.
  • Make hubby something- Hubby gets the short end of the crafty stick around here, but never wavers in his support. I don’t think I’ll be knitting him any sweaters, but a shirt of two I think I can handle. He more than deserves it.
  • Family something- this is a broad statement. But it mostly means that I will be receptive to attempts to make amends, but not tolerant of any attempt to make trouble.

That’s all folks. Ambitious, but mostly doable I think. What do you think? What would you add?

My hubby and I will sit down today with the kiddies and discuss our family and personal goals for the year. I think we might make a mood board type thing to remind us all of what we want as we move through 2011.


10 thoughts on “Some goals

  1. Nettie, this are wonderful goals. Since my oldest is leaving the next Wednesday (moving to Alaska to go to school,) and the youngest left a year ago, I’ll replace the ‘do with the kids’ to ‘visit the kids’ and ‘craft for the kids.’

    Other then that; I’ll adopt every single one, writing, reading, crafting, finishing, and doing it on a daily basis.

    The only think I’d add is ‘learn something new.’ I’ve set my sights on learning to draw this year; particularly with a goal of drawing that informs and infuses my craftwork. Time to see if I can teach this old dog a new trick.

    Thank you for such a lovely list to live by.

    Much happiness in the coming year.

    Rebecca Zicarelli

  2. A mood board sounds like a great idea. I want to do many of the same things you’re doing, but I’d have to add write more for myself and not so much for my jobs.

    I think you can definitely meet all your goals!

  3. This is a wonderful list of resolutions! I think you have some very enriching thoughts here… you don’t need to “add” anything, I think you’ve covered all bases admirably!

  4. A mood board/vision board is a good idea. I’m working on one in Photoshop. To me, I think it’s easier.

    Those definitely seem like reasonable goals. Good luck with them. =)

  5. Visiting from Wild Olive and I think that goals and resolutions are more like guidelines to help us go in the right direction…doesnt’ necessary have to be a task list kind of idea 🙂 Good luck and have a fabulous 2011!

  6. Happy New Year and good luck with your goals! Sounds like a great set to me. I especially like how you worded the last one — be receptive to attempts to make amends, but not tolerant of any attempt to make trouble.

    Because I’ll be having a baby in 2.5 months, most of my goals for 2011 have to do with him and I’m finding even that list completely overwhelming. So no new resolutions for me…but I will continue to work on last year’s resolution to not give in too much to my introverted tendency to hide from people all the time!

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