Miss Pom says Happy New Year!

I bid you goodbye 2010 with the last finished object of the year (unless I am really bored and manage to finish something else tonight…but I doubt it)

Miss Pom

Miss Pom1. Miss Pom, 2. Miss Pom’s feet, 3. Miss Pom’s hand, 4. Miss Pom in repose

Knit doll, about 10 inches tall, with I-cord arms and legs. Her feet, hands and nose were shaped with strands of yarn
Body: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes
Hair: TLC Cotton
Dress and hat: Moda Dea Bamboo Wool                                                                                         Needles: size 3   More pics here.

I wanted to make a much smaller version of the doll that I wrote the pattern for.  I’ve tried before and it never worked out for some reason. In fact I had two failed versions just last week. I think I was trying to re-invent the wheel too much. A doll is a doll, right?

I think I prefer this size of doll. From the kid point of view, it’s easier to grip with one hand. And from the parent one, it’s easier to shove in a purse when they’re tired of lugging it around.

Miss Pom and I plan to oversee the making of some noisemakers to shake into 2011. Let’s see how many of the kids actually make it to midnight. They have new toys to open and play with so that should help some. Though, I myself feel like I need a nap, so I’m thinking someone is going to crash before then either way ;o)

Happy New Year Everyone!!


7 thoughts on “Miss Pom says Happy New Year!

  1. So did you stay up? I barely managed, but my older two actually made it this year.

    I love Miss Pom’s saucy little hat and I agree that it’s a good size. Wish I still had someone at home to make dolls for 😦

    Happy New Year! And thanks so much for taking part in Binding Off with me!

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