Things 2010

Here are some things
Things Made, 2010

1. Purple Thumb, 2. Seuss Style, 3. Boys v. Girls, 4. Picture Day Tie, 5. Picture Day Dress Ruffle, 6. SUPER Cowl, 7. Basic White, 8. B-Day dinner date outfit, 3rd choice wins, 9. Hat Obsessed!, 10. Shirt with Scribbles, 11. Cowl Neck Top, Lil daughter sized, 12. Cowl Neck Top, Missy sized, 13. Kid’s Clothes Week: Skirts for sisters, 14. Cool Breeze Pants, 15. Half-Assed Shorts, 16. Thank You Gifts, 17. Lacy Cami Copy(ish), 18. Skirt Refashion, 19. Tiniest model, 20. Jumper!!, 21. Me-Made-May #3, 22. Me-Made-May #2, 23. Me-Made-May 5.1.10, 24. That Wallpaper Shirt, 25. That 70’s Shirt, 26. Green Batwing, 27. The Fold Over Skirt, 28. 5/365: Burda Dress Preview, 29. Golden Coraline, 30. Hat Obsessed!

Here are some small things
Some Small Things 2010

1. Felt Cameo Pin, 2. 3 Apples , 3. Mandisa, 4. Ashima, Felicity hat, scarf and capelet, 5. Frida!, 6. Spirale De Cuir Earrings, 7. SownBrooklyn, 8. IMG_6249, 9. IMG_6261, 10. Pencil drawing 12.10

Here are some hair things

Some Hair Things
1. 2/52: 10 Things, 2. Samurai do, 3. 4/365: Texture, 4. Me, sans hair., 5. Oh, hai hair ;o)

Here are some cool things
Some Cool Things

1. Please, contain your jealousy, 2. Mrs. Doonan, 3. BOOK! BOOK!! EFFING BOOK!!!, 4. Cheap Thrills, Mom edition, 5. Painted heart…

This year, I choose to leave the bad things off. The year had been on notice since February, and did not improve.

So, today, I will celebrate the things I was able to make with my two hands, things big and small. And the drastic hair things that I NEVER thought I’d be brave enough to do.

Today, I celebrate some of the cool things. Things like my hubby buying all my faves from my wish list, and going the distance to bring home my dress form. Things like making a dress for the BurdaStyle book, and shopping at the Salvy with my daughter. And getting into graduate school. Getting ceramic hearts to drag out when my son is a teenager and thinks he’s so cool.

There are more things I want to remember from this year, like knowing that my husband really loves me and can stand by me like nobody’s business when shit gets tough. Things like knowing that my children appreciate me (mostly, they are children after all) and know how to express their appreciation through words AND actions.

I want to remember that I was/am strong in the face of extreme circumstances and that I can help my sister to be strong, too. That we cannot and will not break. I want to remember what it was like to reach my limit and know that I’m ready to move on.

I am so thankful that my little family will bring in the new year together tomorrow (hubby usually works) and that we will all go to sleep more healthy than ill, more happy than sad and most importantly together.


5 thoughts on “Things 2010

  1. i have similar feelings about the closing of this year, and yes, this little family and its togetherness really is the greatest thing. i have hopes for this next year, but even if it is as hard as the last i know we’re going to get through just fine. you will, too.

    happy better year!

  2. It really helps having that support, and I am so glad you have it! This year is almost over, give it a good swift kick on the way out. šŸ™‚

    And you did a LOT this year, way more than I did, so good for you, mama. I hope 2011 is way better.

  3. I’m glad you are choosing to concentrate on the positives. Good for you! You have made some really lovely things over the year that you should be rightfully proud of. You are such a clever lady!

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