1. Mandisa, 2. Mandisa, 3. Mandisa, back, 4. Mandisa’s funky pants

Clothespin with doll head and “feet”. Nearly 5 inches tall.
Acrylic paint, Bic marker and fine point ink pen (& a little oil pastel rouge).
Felt jacket with wire (paper clip) arms and wooden hands.
Body finished with Sculpey gloss (which I don’t like very much).

Mandisa is LIGHT YEARS ahead of the last clothespin doll I attempted. Now I’m regretting leaving more heads off my last craft order. I have about a dozen pins and feet, though. I’m thinking up head alternatives. Maybe fabric? Anyway, I think I’m making strides with learning my camera. Fiddling with it, and making lots of tiny things (more on that tomorrow), has been keeping the crazy at bay. I’ve been indoors for days. All day long…. with all of the kiddies.       Oy. Send provisions.


3 thoughts on “Mandisa

  1. Would wine work as a provision? I guess I should be happy that it’s cold here but not snowy so we send the kids out. My sympathies 🙂

    Mandisa is cute. I’ve never made a clothespin doll — that is so neat.

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