A veritable feast of photos!


I made patterns for everything you see here so that I could use them if they were successful. I am happy to say they were!

Ashima is named for a character from Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake. She was intended to BE Jhumpa Lahiri, but she asserted her own personality while being made ;0)

Her hair has an under layer of wool felt, with cotton yarn attached to the perimeter. It was trimmed and styled in a french twist (which is hard to photograph). I hand stitched her little undies from a cotton blend jersey, the leg openings are blanket stitched with white sewing thread. Her dress is made out of the same material. It’s a variation of the T shaped shirts I make for myself, except REALLY TINY. The overskirt is actually from a black skirt of mine that I previously used to make this hat. I didn’t get much use out of it as a skirt but I’ve used it plenty now. Her little obi is made from some poly jersey and strip of denim. The jacket is also from the T shaped pattern, but altered. The boots were a happy accident. I only cut one leg and had to do some improvising. I thought the little leather embellishment was a nice touch. I completely winged the knitwear, but obviously used the Felicity hat pattern as a model ;o)

I am SO happy with her!! I have another cut out. She will be a princess. I am having fun planning her outfit!


5 thoughts on “A veritable feast of photos!

  1. Lovely!! I am so into it. I would definitely enjoy making the same dress as I wear if I had one. The great part of it is all handmade.
    You have a great holiday and please keep inspiring us in the coming new year!!

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